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Reuven expression about Daddy

These past five days, Reuven’s fever up and down. Quite shag, as have to balance between work and little one. Cos he is sick, he quite grumby, need someone close by and lose temper easily. He is feeling all right , just that his appetite is not that good. In the end still required to feed him antibiotics to clear the viral fever off.

While i playing play-doh with him, he suddenly said all the things I done for him. Haha boy also can be sweet to daddy too, but I think there is a limited time, lol. When I try to record him what he said again, Β he forget what he said earlier and he also know that i am taking the images. I only manage to capture this much in the video. πŸ™‚


Daddy love you. 😊



Posted in Age of 3, Reuven Loo Growing up

Reuven brush teeth with spitting the paste and rinse mouth.


Fianlly got a bit of time to post, these was taken at the early of the month. Thanks to the credit from the child care teacher, Reuven able to brush his teeth and understand the paste cannot be swallow and i also being guiding him too. All has pay off.

So every morning he will brush teeth with me. I feel that he is so adorable and quickly snap these pictures. Hehe…

He is not bad rite ? πŸ™‚ just still like to play with water and complain the paste are ‘hot’. ^.^

Overall he is doing well in brushing. Feeling thankful. πŸ™‚