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Abit late to pick up Reuven today

Finally coax my Little one to bed and i am free to blog now.

Today is a rush day for me as i am running around the whole morning till evening, and was abit late to fetch Reuven From school.  when i pick him, as usual i give him a big smile and apology i am late. 🙂

as we are strolling and holding his hand by my side, we are on the way to the market for dinner , i ask Reuven,

Daddy: sorry Reuven, today Daddy is late, are you angry or sad?

Reuven: Teachers  worry, Daddy worry too why late for sch… ( with the concern look on his face)

i look at him and give him a hug again…

He is getting more and more sensible and let me have this chance to learn that he is expressing more and more love and concern rather than be angry or…

So late for school today is good. : )

he also assist in me to fold clothes, although it was a mess as usual, however , he started to fold half and half, 1 or 2 pieces are quite neatly done. and he still rush to squeeze into the cupboard. lolx. he still take a picture of me.. faint..


before sleep , i realize his imagination and creative are getting crazier. haha. he imagine the blanket as sea, the pillow as boat, the bolster as the Paddler! haha so funny. let me think back those days when i was little too.


have a good nite 🙂

just to add on , Reuven miss mummy too, before sleep, “Mummy come back faster” Elb…





Posted in Age of 3, Reuven Loo Growing up

Reuven love brushing teeth 

Current on the way to another appointment, This post abit late, as Reuven has started love to bush his teeth himself, from past few months from learning tooth brush , holding technique till brushing. Now he is able to brush up and down . 🙂

Very soonhe will be indepedent on this . Feel proud of him. 🙂