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CNY – River Ang Bao


we are on the way to River Ang Bao.  as impromptu , I feel to let Reuven feel abit more in CNY mood, decided to bring him to squeeze with the crowd to experience the cny mood. I told him that there will be those CNY light and food and games . he love it so much and said must go tonight. lol .


when we just reached.  Omg…



then overhear from crowd there will be a firework at 9pm .blessed we reach there about 8.40pm. and thanks Reuven keep ask me to sit on the grandstand. with a good view to see the fireworks.


after that is to find our zodiac sign for pictures ^.^

1st picture Reuven take for Daddy. still not a bad shot. 🙂



he keep want to watch people perform on stage and have to piggy him.  then rest a while with a small bites.



Reuven said want to take fishes .


and happen to bump to daddy’friend and help to take Reuven a nice picture  🙂


he love balloons. especially those can float. haha


then get some tickets for the games to start.


Reuven was so excited to play rheya bumper car .

Reuven : i drive ok , Daddy sit beside me

daddy: you can’t reach, when you older I let you drive .

Reuven  : Noo…

after board the car,

Reuven: daddy u drive , I sit beside you.

lol . think he know he is not ready.

daddy: hold.tight my hand at all times otherwise when ppl knock on us you will bang infront.

true enough, he did not grab me tight he teeth almost knock on the steering wheel bit with my arms and hands protect him.

after this, he even listen to my advice as he know all I said is for him. 🙂


then we play the mini farris wheel. haha

Daddy : this is the last ride for the train ya. is it ok Reuven?

Reuven  : said yes and did not even throw tantrum or want more . he is so contentEd.

my heart melt literally, then … still change some tickets for the games.  Haha boys are still boys .


Daddy manage to win a small prize for him. Haha he is so happy ! ^.^ he enjoy alot on the games.


a late night home as he is really tired and slept shortly after that ^.^


when reach home ..


Reuven  is so happy the mini prize is a coin bank frog. Haha . slept at 2am. oh gosh.  Hehe..what a cny day 2. ^.^

love you my boy ^.^ always your daddy/buddy/mentor

it is really  a good place for a cny outing especially these few days the weather are cooling.


this picture is taken by my friend. isn’t it nice . happy new year everyone ! ^.^







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Getting a present for Reuven’s cousin birthday Axon! …


last week was out and along shopping for Reuven cousin birthday present and Reuven loo was present. I was thinking will he be unbalance if I get for his cousin and did not get for him?

I still go ahead and see how it goes.  when we reach the shop.

daddy: Reuven daddy today I am shopping a present for your cousin  present as his birthday is next week. will you help me choose what he might like ?

Reuven: blur look…

daddy: ( think he might be wondering why I did not get for him ?)

daddy love you ya and just like I buy you toys and so many toys, and your mummy, Yeye Nana and gei-ma too. buying present is sharing of loves and joy too. I last week just brought you one so today no ya. 🙂

Reuven: he knob his head and said let me see what he like , I help to choose. then he run around . and pickup this i think he will like this!

deep down in my heart , I am surprised and feel great. he is so sensible and sweet. i got this urge just want to buy him another toy for a reward!  but I hold back (it is really not easy).

I want him to be able to accept with no rewards in return, not everytime goes out sure have toys , take for granted and able to accept no and handle disappointed feeling.

to Reuven:

with things taken as apperciation and not in a mind; for exchange in return when complete some task and ‘only can accept yes’as his standard answer, I believe this will help you in term of viewing life perspective and be happier.

it is not easy for daddy to hold back, buying a toy is easy and make you satisfied however bringing you with the right value and sharing is the key.

you are awesome my boy ! ^.^ your daddy /buddy.

and today just attend my newphew birthday celebration in school. abit late reach there, so sorry. and he call me so loud when i reach  Gu zhai! hahah and my boy also  Daaaaaaaddddddyyy… hahah both come and hug me . oh my.. melt. LOL 🙂 they always kill me instantly with all these. 🙂

and i also look like a boy/ buddy hiding behind them . hahah 🙂 heart so sweet.








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Throw back to some of the events on 2016 that did not able to post on time

Time really flies, said tomorrow then post , then tomorrow then tomorrow.. it is all due to pack schedule and works commitments. it is really not easy.  Haha.  then want to post this , in the end post what is current and the previous one are missed.

Eyes – Blink game


this is the game I play with Reuven during lunch time in the coffee shop. Haha . who blink the eyes first will lose and winner can drink the ribena.

Haha I keep winning and tease him and drink the ribena , also in a way to coach him about how to accept what is lose and win. then in the end he change the rules he said lose to drink. hahaha then of cos have to let him win a little. Hehe…

APPle Pen Song


we can play and crazy together and there is an apple pen song lately so well hahah did not miss that,  we engage together. then i notice if i play do with him together . the result of happiness and openness are double!  Haha the video are amazing. ^.^

1st Set of ‘bigger kid Lego


Christmas present Reuven received the 1st set of lego from my aunt. of visitors first of all, is he ready ? we sat down and we do together the lego up. it need alot of patience and to complete this by your own is easy, but to engage and to lead the boy on completing the helicopter is a training of patience and guidance . so i would said both of are learning together. 🙂 and he is very happy that we completed it. 🙂

end result ? sweet and built more confidence and bonding time. ^.^


and he enjoy another set of lego too the truck with the crane. hehehe


Christmas song with Reuven – Santa Claus is coming to town

Screenshot 2017-01-08 09.47.23.png

Christmas , we shall sing christmas song. as he already singing sometime. so i grab my guitar and sing together with him. 🙂

Library CD and growing up with sesame street

I know he love to sing, so I bring him to library to borrow those sesame Street and others . and he really enjoy it. of cos with me watching and singing with him.  Haha

housework help out and independent



For the past year, he really love to engage.  I will always do my best to let him come along. now I clean the house, he would like to vacuum the floor. I clean the mirror, he would like to do too  when i prepare his milk , he also want to scoop it too. hahaa yes it is tiring and he will make more mess. however I love it . as you can see he is growing more and more independent and feel part of ‘loo family’ home. 🙂 and the mess is getting more and more lesser and Reuven you are always making an effort. daddy always very happy no matter what. 🙂

Yeye and Nana

Not forgetting he also learn ride bicycle from Yeye ! my dad and mum are always around to play with him.





his 1st Speech and drama showcase

First time attending his mini performance. can see that he enjoy it very much and it is very well done. 🙂 Reuven will keep look at me to check if i am looking at him as he would want me to see how he perform. haha and he also keep complaining to me that his friend keep using a not so nice words. ahaaa.. Don’t worry , Daddy are always with you and looking at you what performing or engaging. 🙂


Reuven 1st pet from fish farm and terrapins from daddy


the fishes he bring back from fish farm, he was so excited and quickly show me when i fetch him. however the fishes don last long, i think is also a good chance for him to develop some interest,loves and responsibility about animals. i went with him to brought the terrapins. he love it.

Butterfly Park


i see the pictures, he was really brave. and he describe to me the trip , the insect on his body and the butterflies he saw.oh my  ^.^ really feel happy . 🙂 daddy can see from your eyes your curiosity and loves for animals has growth and you are brave too. 🙂

Toys and stuffs that when Daddy was little 


these are some of the shots when i was young, i also ask my dad and mum to let me spin. hahah or fish. i still remember my time is about 20cents? now is a dollar. haha… the spin of the toy and the excitement of dropping out i still remember. when i see Reuven doing that. it bring back alot of memory too. 🙂

Added Story by with his favourite Giraffe


on top of reading stories book, and chat on the bed, now also giraffe also come into play to chat too. haaaa.

Map reading and navigation 


Reuven love to read map and he love to tell me or ask me how to navigate . it all start with the mrt track map …. 🙂


i show him too when i meet client how i use the phone gps to find my client place and he take over to guide me. haha…


 Year end wish 2016 with Reuven


Having a balloon from a birthday party we went early in the morning. impromptu we did it again to release the balloon. this time we write our wishes and release it and blessed. no matter what age you are , you always feel great when you see a balloon fly up in the sky. together with all those wishes. it make us feel great and a night won’t forget, Reuven always will remember about this and the release balloon when he saw one or the place. 🙂 not forgetting me too. 🙂

Thank you my boy, you are really great! Papa really proud of you. The journey of your growing up i really enjoy alot alot . i love you my boy. Daddy will always support you and be your buddy, coach, daddy. 🙂




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Reuven 1st day in K1

Yesterday stay over at my dad place as he requested this morning then come back for sch.

he did not pay much attention of going to K1. He only ask when he will be in K1 , something like ” am i K1 already?”


Before on the way to school, take a pic together (his new bag not yet here) and he was smiling. As we are getting nearer and nearer to the new class. his face start to be worry as i told him the class are at different location and a different teachers.

reach to the Door,  and not his favorite daily teacher received him, he broke down.

i tell the teacher give me a min as i talk to reuven while he is crying.

Daddy ” why are you crying?”

Reuven ; he just continue…

Daddy : ” Not to worry, just let it out ya” it is ok to cry. the teachers are nice over here and all your friends are still the same as N2. it is just the classroom has changed.

Reuven : “ok” nodded. still crying.

Daddy : ” you are a brave boy, and i am sure you be ok, and later after school , tell me more about in sch today ok ? ” 🙂

Reuven : “ok”

i could tell he is ready and i give him a tight hug and kiss on your cheek, and high five and fist five before i left.

Reuven , daddy also feel ache, i know this ache will let you grow and more  independent. i am happy that i make the right choice not to change your school for your kindergarten and enviroment.  you are doing fine and soon you will run and tell me all your individual adventure and stories to papa. love you my son. 🙂