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Bed time Story telling

Today Reuven bring out 10 books for me to read. And I ask him to choose his favorite book. He pick the My daddy… 🙂

He has really grow up , started more and more communication and our imagination run wild by imaging other things to be added into the story.

He still sit on me like I am the ‘Spaceship’ … and imagine press button fast, slow ,and.  Still have to eject him out from my neck. Lol.  Faint..





Posted in Age of 3, Reuven Loo Growing up, Uncategorized

Reuven’s Fever and…

This morning about 5am,  i just don know why i wake up and reuven leg and body was so hot !  When i switch on the light , he was quite red just like those high fever that he use to have.

immediately  i went for the thermometer, however not working very well, and my spare one come into place. He have a fever about 39.4!

However he still feel sober and not those lethergic ,just that the way of giving medicine and apply the pad on his head need a different technique. Then monior till 6 am , then he fast asleep.

About 9am , check on him agian , and he is feeling better, about 11am, a slide fever, however he feel like going out.

Then i mention to him that you recover well by taking medicine , will bring you for a while, maybe go market. Or maybe macdoanld.?

Daddy : ok we go market now

Reuven: daddy, you did not keep your promise le, you said go Macdonald just now..

Daddy: blur.. Hahah , okok we go ya.

Off we go to macdonald.



Have a happy meal, and let him enjoy to walk the park , sing walking in the jungle, play the swing with sand. He enjoy alot and very happy.

We still play story telling, and he is learning the way i relate the story.  🙂

However now the fever is back agian 38.5 just feel him medicine and sound asleep.


Speedy recovery son..:)