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Learning to draw and Write

Today, Reuven was very excited about the colour pencils that was received yesterday from the birthday celebration.


I took this chance to share with him another lesson. At first i thought of teaching him to write his name , in the end i feel that he should be more comfortable ( as he is very happy when talk about shape)  and able to control his stroke. Then that will help to boost his confidence on writing.

imageFew months back ,i remember i guide him on how to hold the pencil, and today i share with him again, he hold it very well. I started to explain how to draw the triangle with those aided point. Such as demo, hold his hand to draw and keep repeat the steps.

imageLike saiding 1( continue from one point to another) , stop,(lift up the hand) , 2( join another point) stop, 3. ( join another point). He actually repeat what i said.

After a few practise, he manage to draw some decent triangle ! ( in green) . To reward him, i give him a star ! He is overjoyed and keep practising hard! He kept saiding, Daddy, i want stars !:)




Posted in Age of 2, Reuven Loo Growing up

Mummy @work in Taiwan (6 days)

These few days have to manage between my work, studies, house chores  and Reuven. As mummy still out of town for work. Another close bonding with Reuven, yesterday i bring him to the playground and realise that he is much independent and able to cross the obstacle himself. Play wih him the sea-saw…

He would tell me happily, he saw his friend and her name is Val. This can tell, he is adapting well and make alot of new friends.  Continue reading “Mummy @work in Taiwan (6 days)”