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Moulding up with principle and values…


Today laye evening, Reuven throw tantrum and very rude. Keep insisting his way to demand to bring down the bubble gun to.the playground.

I told him ,next time as I already bring skate scooter for him.

Reuven : Now ! I want Now !

Daddy: tomorrow, I will bring all right.  I know u just saw one kid play the bubble gun…

Reuven : still insist and keep demanding, throw tantrum just becos no bubble gun.

Deep in his world I know he just want to play, and I am already prepared to give in.however not in this manner.

Daddy : today going to be the first cane , let’s go home.

Reuven : daddy no…

Then I talk to him with a little cane on my hand . I said I am going to cane you, you know why?

Reuven : he understand and he also admit he wrong.

Daddy: so daddy going to beat your left and right palm . Stretch out.

Reuven : daddy pain . No..

Daddy:  you know this is wrong and u got to faced the punishment. This is something we must learn.

Reuven : stretch out his palm..

Daddy : just tapped gentlely…

Reuven: look puzzled…

Daddy: I love u Reuven, everyday I also want to be your best friend and your buddy. I just want to hug you.  Could you help daddy ?

Reuven : nodded and give me a hug.

I did not take any pictures of his cries.

As I do not want he to remember or myself to rememeber this. Just want him to know sometime I am strict, is to share  values and strengthen his good principle that aid him in future. I want to be nice daddy and not monster. 🙂

Somehow or rather, I feel today he has grown up a little. 🙂

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Bedtime reading


These past  weeks , Reuven started to pick up or I can said more interested in the story book. He will always ask me to read for him.

Book by book and over and over again. Exchange of ideas and thoughts are even more expressive that before.

Today we read about peppa pig dentist book, rain (George caught a cold) and last of not least reuven amazing bus ride as his final bed time story.

All these story books are good as it bring imagination and also to share the values of wrong and right. And also the consequence that each have to faced .

It also bring more calm and understand what is ‘dentist’ as I am trying to bring him soon. 🙂 as he reply to me dentist is to help clean . We open mouth ahhhhh . Lol. You can imagine how I read to him. 🙂

He kept his promise and he is fast asleep on my elbow as I share with him that tomorrow I will go library/bookstored to find others books that he like.

He is really very happy and he said he want to go…haaa. I try to find time. 🙂

Daddy love you. Sweet dreams:)


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Who can fly ?


Today going to meet my friends and bring Reuven along. Dress him with captain America. However he prefer iron man.

Then while waiting for train,

Daddy : why do you like iron man so much ?

Reuven : he can fly !captain America cant fly. He got fire . Got fire can fly. Just like jet .

Daddy: can Reuven fly ?

Reuven:  no…  reucen shake head…Reuven need to take aeroplane then can fly .. 😂😂😂

Unexpected answer… still worry one day he will try funny to be iron man to fly or.  U know.. listen to his reply I feel more relief.however still need to be alert. 🙂


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4 Expression of Reuven Loo


i think so far this is the best 4 expression pictures that i think Reuven express it well and i caught on time. it is not easy for me to take these picture. As Reuven will try his many way do the opposite way of what i am trying to express for me. Definitely require  super patience and brain juice to encourage him to do it.

hahah but it turn out to be quite good. Are you all able to identify each of the expression?

🙂 these picture are taken after his recent birthday celebration.

Looking at him really make me melt and i know he is growing up day by day. Getting stronger and more independent each day. 🙂 sometime just can’t believe he is not longer a baby anymore. hahaha 🙂

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Reuven + Daddy same hairstyle


Reuven going to be 4 soon, Daddy think it is time for him to have some cool haircut like daddy! Hahaa

Daddy: Reuven , Daddy ask you , you want to have same hairstyle like daddy?

Reuven : silent and smile and nodded… yes daddy ! Hha .

Seriously I am surpise to hear that he is really able to accept. Haha before he change his mind, I quickly bring him to the neighbourhood hairstyler to finish it.

I bring one additional time shirt along as to change his clothes after the hair cut.

At first when reach the shop, he abit reluctant and do not want to go in. I calm him down and tell him he is safe . There will no blower.

Reuven :daddy,  I am afraid the blower. ..

Daddy: daddy will protect you ya, if aunt bully I will scold her. But I am sure they like you.

Just to comfort him, keep chanting and praise him and negotiate with Strawberry. .. And he also feel happy we have same hair cut. Hahaa


Surprise he also join me to do funny faces .


Actually think I am more excited than my son, i guess it shall be a mile stone for daddyhood. 🙂



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Reuven 1st action Figurine

Reuven 1st action figure

After my late night appointment, his iron man in the bag finally can give to reuven when i get home.

Going to age of 4 soon, Reuven start to be more aware and expose to the superhero. he started to said that he wanted to have a superhero. he will always point to the iron man and said super hero. i decided to get him a Iron man 1st action figure!

he is so happy and surprise! 🙂

Iron man! This is what he siad when he slowly take out the box from the plastic bag.  🙂 heheh

actually all the tiredness just go away in a whirl. and the joy of happiness just fill up instantly. 🙂

every night the iron man will follow him and he ask me what can iron man do?  of cos this is another daddy and son bonding ‘telling story’ when role play with the figure. there is a time i try to use iron man to encourage him to sleep …


Daddy : Iron man said ‘ Reuven it is late now’, it is bed bed time.

Reuven: Daddy, Iron man can’t talk, it is just a toy..

faint… lol.. he is really grow up liao. : )


After all boys are still boys.  🙂 and i am proud to be the one to give him the first figurine from his stage of his life. Let me recall my dad also buy me a first action figure when i was quite small,  they are the 3 person in a team, can fix equipment on to their body suit. can fly, swim and land. lol my childhood. 🙂