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Train ride + Mascot + New toys collection

on my train to next destination , blog about last  sunday …Yesterday bring my Reuven along , and before I leave him to my dad to go for my appt.  I promise him a train ride ! 😊


while we always board the mrt train no matter is he a company to a appointments or for outing . he will always very fascinated with train ride.

I think it i quite a while since we last ride over at West gate and he quickly hop on to the blue wagon thst he choose while the door is open.


I think well the age of 4, what do u expect. he start to pop out his head out of the window. after a while of his curiously, he stop and sit down.


then he start to enjoy looking at those mascot.during the journey we pass by and saw the nando event that is going on. after the train stop, he literally flew to the mascot and you can see how happy he was! last time he will be shy and do not want to move forward . now with little encouragement, he is brave to make a step and hug the mascot and with a big smile ! 🙂

think is about time for Reuven to head down to USS agian…hehe


after i come back to meet reuven and his granpa, a new toy collection from grandpa… ^.^ my dad said he miss me alot, and grandpa promise that he get some cars for him previously.  let me think back those days my dad buy me toys when I am little one. 🙂


This is my current favorite pic. as it capture Reuven emotion . like whoa….^.^





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Reuven revision of counting and piggy bank saving habit started

while on the train now, blogging about …


yesterday Reuven first counting coins and revision of math lesson. lol. he is trying to count and stack for me. however he got his preference . that is count and preference his number.

we go throught those simple maths like 2+2 = ?

4+2 =?

identify 50cents and a dollar.

it was fun and joy , of cos he also like to make a mess of the coin I counted. 😅😅


there he have his first piggy bank and started his first habit of feeding the coin into the pig bank himself. he siad he like this. going to buy him the paw patrol piggy bank as the Marshall not available wherever we go. 🙂










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Reuven and Daddy  cleanup home + shopping + library =bonding time :) 


Think it is being quite sometime we miss the mac breakfast. Reuven just random ask me to bring him to mac , impromptu here we are. He is getting more awesome . Without ipad, he can sit and finish the food. Of cos he will still run around inthe mac. Today was quite a crowded one as we sit the open area , thank god it is cooling though.

The only challenge is that sometime he cant wait for me to finish the food and want to go toilet… Lol….

Then have to ‘kiki back’ him or play chase while crossing the ‘forest’ park to the way home.


Reaching home, Reuven ask me is he taller than the giraffe already ? Indeed he is growing fast. Very soon. ^.^


See he is still quite active, bring him put to play bubbles. And with wizard stun, awesome big bubbles are form. However not this round. On 2nd look, he give me the starwar feeling.


Then i start to do some replacng his toys batteries. He immediately want offer his help.

Reuven : Daddy  what you doing? I want to help too.

Daddy: replacing batteries for you toys.

In the end i pass him the driver and let him try, he try a long time, and he not able to open it, in the end he ask me for help. I explained to him how to do next time.

Then he also offer to clean the mirror. Lolx


When I start to vacuum the floor. I ask is Reuven still afraid if the noise? He not longer afraid… instead he want to help me vacuum. I share with him how to vacuum and he vacuum for me bit by bit. We also vacuum together. Then I let him manage, I go clean the the fan. Then he help me to vacuum.

TheNR he sound red flag. As he said he was very tired. And he said …

Reuven : daddy I am so tired , I can’t mop floor already.

Daddy : you doneed a great help and job today. Thank you Reuven. Give him a high five.  You can sit there and watch your I pad ya. Later we shall go out .


Then after all the home exercise , we went for our tea break.  He looking for chai siew bun, however was not available.  I just buy a dai pau. Last time he dont like to eat. Now he started …



Then we went to the northpoint , acrually is to grab something for household. Then i remember reuven being asking for library 1 week ago. I just bring him up. He was so happy.

Daddy: when we go library what should reuven do?

Reuven : talk softly, no running around  , walk.

We spend time siting down there and i read the story books for him whever books he find for me.


In the end he chose 2books and 4 CD . He just love library.

Then happen to saw a friend too when taking lift down . So coincidence . 🙂


After reach home and bath. He immediately open the London bus I just brought for him today.

Reuven: Daddy why this bus is so different ? Where is front and back ?

Daddy : this is a London bus, over here we can’t see it.

Lolx he is always so fun loving. And we sing London Bridge together.  🙂

Can feel that his words of describe, expressive and understanding are getting stronger and aware more what are the do and don’t. Reuven is getting more and more sensible. ^.^

Daddy proud of you. Love u my son. Sweet dreams.  🙂



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Father and son hair cut together


Few days ago, it is time for Reuven hair cut. Decided to bring him to the neighbourhood salon agian.

He has improve. No as shy as before. Understand about the cutting hair. Close his eyes while cutting infront and lower down his head when trimming the back  of the head of cos with some assistant on using  hand to ask reuven to look below.

Then he is happy with the hair cut. I ask reuven is it ok daddy have a hair cut too ? He ask for a water melon juice. Haha. In the end have the 1st try of cutting hair together.  Indeed Reuven make me feels he really grow up so much now… 🙂

Now he still enjoy the hairstyle to be same as daddy. Keke… 🙂






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Reuven’s 1st jump


Reuven 1st waiting in the queue alone. This is the first time he is doing a queuing alone. And to my surprise he manage to sit and wait for his turn. Although up and down he will get off the seat and even said why is it so long, he still manage to wait for his turn. It take about 20 mins. 🙂


Then the 1st jump.

At first he was so excited , jump like a rabbit.  After that when the lady pull her up higher, Reuven started to be frighten and cry. Encourage him and explain to him. Now he got a new experience and exposure. After the jump, I ask Reuven if he still want to do it agian. He said ‘No’ It is scary. Lolx.

Anyway i feel is a good learning curve. I am sure after this ‘jump’ exercise that he chosen , He will be able to judge more and understand himself better. I do not want to restict the things he want to explore or limit him or give reason that he is still small. As i feel this is part of a growing up phase that will help him be more confident

he will also know what he will be into when he make his choice. 🙂

You are doing great Reuven ! Daddy proud of you. ^.^