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Reuven 1st obstacle challenges with mendel


clip taken last sunday at pollywog, one of the obstacle. Reuven overcoming his fear and believing daddy and himself.screenshot_20161222-234428

jJust want to add this video in first. really feel the ‘安慰’when I see the video agian. as i can see my boy are doing his best to cross the obstacle and overcome his fear. he believe me and completed this.i would said it is something that will open up more for him to understand himself better and built more confident.

special thanks to my pal Ivor for taking this video . it is really a good memory for us. 🙂

I am proud of you too my boy.  stay strong and keep going. daddy will beside you. 🙂

the rest of the shots I will upload here another day. too many to sort and to to write.


This is a moment i saw Reuven 1st time started to blended well and focus in the activities. such as putting up hands and respond with excitement. i am really glad to see this.



A moment with his buddy Mendel, to go through the obstacle. 🙂


Reuven was scare as this is a good opportunity for him to expand his comfort zone. Daddy are always with you. 🙂


Everyone is a Winner! 🙂 great jobs Reuven and Mendel ! 🙂 proud of  you all. 🙂


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Reuven was out with Daddy whole day for appts…

Today was out of the home since 1pm. make Reuven have a nap before we went out as today will be a long day.

i would said he start to get more and more aware about the surrounding and feelings too.


bring out his favorite exvacator and this one we are drawing with the Samsung tab while waiting for the next appointment.


on the way going to the last appt and dinner, he give me a good laugh after the long day of carry him here and there with his reply in train.  then got aunty ya talk to him. when aunty getting down the train and the aunty said bye bye to Reuven.  Reuven still ask : are you coming back later ?  lol. we burst out laughing too. Haha



after meet up with the last appt of the day , I promise him to let him play the play ground. I should said we play together. hahaa…


finally he let me off …

today he is so sweet.

daddy : Reuven are you tired ?

Reuven : yes daddy

daddy: now u know i am working hard and xin ku rite? with a smile . that is why at home I need your help that you could help me too, such as keep your toys when you play finish and keep things properly. otherwise who is going to clear?

Reuven: sorry daddy, i promise  I will and not make you angry.

the other sweet part is

when i apply the oil on my backache due to carry him too much.

Reuven: not agian , back pain agian

daddy : yes cos you are big boy already, that is why pain lor.

reuven: daddy i am sorry that I make you pain… and also daddy sorry today I make you angry..

daddy: literally melt inside .but smile and said , it is ok Reuven ,I know you are tired , now you know I am xin ku rite? so hope you could help me ya. next time when you could walk , walk yourself…..

Reuven: nodded.

A good workout day I suppose and great bonding. although not easy but worth all the sweat and understand each other better. 🙂

love you my boy.



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Reuven 1st offical running with Daddy

now on the way to start my long day of appointments, quickly blog today happening.

yesterday my boy ask me when he saw my running shoes.

Reuven: daddy can i run with you ?

daddy: sure. I am waiting for you to ring with me. let’s do it tomorrow morning! ^.^

we shall wake up at 7 .run , bath eat breakfast then bring u to sch.  ok? so we have to sleep early tonight.

next day….

he wake you at 7 .

daddy : Reuven wake up already . let’s go running.

Reuven: five minutes.  but with a hidden smile.

know he tired ..Haha so let he laze about 10 mins. then I said lets go , otherwise too late we can’t run.

then he jump up bed and get ready .

quickly video the start up . hahaa



and use many ways to encourage him to run.



Haha.. along the way those aunties , uncle very nice .thumbs up my boy and greet with good morning too. ^.^

then we prepare to cool down..


then I show him the map he conquer! he is so happy! Hehe..


well done my boy!! I am sure you will get better and better each run u take.  now the run keeper are useful too for my boy. Hehe.


and I ask to bring to sch to share with teachers and classmates.  a good start of happy joy day.:)

Daddy really so happy and proud ^.^ jia yo! love you my boy.


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Rise and shine – Most cheeky Award for Reuven . ^.^


Last month , thank you all my friends and families support Reuven ‘likes’ three pictures.🙏🙏🙏

today I received a email reply that he won the most cheeky-Faced.  Haha..

I think must be the ‘heart shape’. 🙂 here is the story..

for those missed the like ,may I ask for like agian, plssss. .. 🙂 Hehe 🙂

it is quite simple and fast. 🙂

Just click the link below for the 3 pictures.

1st pic –

click like ! currently 403 likes

2nd pic –

click like ! currently 257

3rd pic –

click like ! currently 260

hope he can win the grand prize! ^.^

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Reuven’s stories book before sleep and story telling /self video (back track Nov 16)

now Reuven playing with his Yeye, got abit of time to blog.^.^

know that Reuven  have a passion for books reading and he start to show interest on words reading.


the leap frog pen start to be his favourite. it was really interesting and show that his interest went up with all the intereaction.  🙂

and went to library to borrow his favourite .  exvacator and zoo. he really enjoy it! ^.^



then he also start to tell me stories some of the notes.

he will said

Reuven:  daddy daddy i want to tell u a story


daddy : wow, yes pls. I would love to hear it .  ^.^

since day 1 his stories started to be make more sense and more linked. 🙂

self videoscreenshot_20161203-205557

he also start to ‘rehearsal’ after the pororo video.


he love to watch and record himself about his own story telling.  i always will have a smile when I look at him self cam serectly and hear u jig  saw his imaginary story.