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Reuven draw 1st Family pic


Reuven 1st family drawing,

last week, Reuven staying with her mum and her mum send me this pic. from this pic, i know Reuven is happy and joy. it is so sweet when i see this pic and comfort.

He draw me taller and mummy shorter and him. and all with a sweet smile! with a enclose sweetness  (drawing cover up with blue scribble at the side and mummy daddy surround him , let me know he feel safe and secure too.

haha can see that his motor skill and expression is sweet and positive. Choosing blue as his favourite color is also a sign of happy. 🙂 Not forgetting the Sun on the right.

Reuven you are  Awesome ! 🙂

although you did not tell me, by looking at the drawing you already did.

love you my boy ! 🙂


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1st journey to independent for I pad searching using I pad


Reuven: daddy daddy , I want blippi daddy. can you help me ?

daddy: Reuven, wow you already can spell the words , u are really good. you just need to find the words and type it.

Reuven: i can’t.

Daddy: just try, you be surprise that what come along .

Reuven: i can’t find the ‘i’ .

daddy: be cool , how does ‘i’ look like ?

Reuven: two lines ( like that )

daddy : very good ( 1st hint) on the 1st row. ( to my surprise Reuven know what 1st row means. ) beside letter U.

Reuven: (he search all the words and find the video he want) happy face . ^ ^

Daddy : well done Reuven! ^.^

think this is the start that he don’need me to search for him.any more videos. :).

however i feel this video learning not bad, quite interactive. ^.^



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Reuven ‘level up’ of calming his daddy

now on the train to next appointment .  quickly blog this..Hehe ^.^

Daddy : i am very angry with you . you are so going to be grounded and I am going to discipline you.

Reuven: ooh . daddy i am sorry..  I don dare to do it agian. Don be angry.

Reuven : i hug you. ( he literally hug).

daddy: not going to work this time.

Reuven: I kiss you . ( he literally kiss me )

daddy: nope , still angry . (but inside already melt,lol)

then Reuven use a new method..

Reuven: sorry daddy, ..heart shape. ok?.. i am sorry..and he show the picture as below.  he know works.. and he keep heart shape? heart shape?. haha

daddy: can not hold any longer.. break out the laughter and sweet smile.

how can I be still angry with Reuven? he is so adorable and I also don know where e learn this to counter this situation.

Haha then I joking still said no.. he laugh and continue square shape? triangle shape ? (shaping with his fingers) . haha


love you my boy , you always put on alot of energy and laughter and joy in my life. ^.^


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1st paper aeroplane and launching exercise with Daddy

Yesterday late evening, Reuven start to ask for a paper aeroplane and said want to fold one.


it really test my memory as I just realise that I forget how to fold a good one that can fly!

I start to take out those colour paper and try to fold, then Reuven start to lose focus and start to use scissor to cut shape. Haha as aeroplane not flying.

struggle a while. then go for hotline. Haha.. tutorial youtube.

then we fold the 1st paper aeroplane together.


we decided to write our name on to the plane. can you spot what he wrote ?

I decided to make it more fun as I see he still don know how to really position himself well to fly the plane and want to earn his attention and have joy with a paper plane.

I use a 4 commands and do together with him. after that he leads… hahaa .  ^.^

The launching of aircraft with daddy.

what a night. ^.^


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The first picture drawing I witness about my boy that he draw

Today Reuven take some crayon and start to draw. As i was doing some work , I thought he will be drawing ‘anyhow ‘as usual.

Reuven : daddy daddy look look i draw a sq!

daddy : Wah true enough , a nice sq!

Reuven:  daddy daddy look I draw a sun !

daddy : eyebrow raise! this is the first time I see him draw a picture. Haha woah !


then daddy put down his work and walk to him to start drawing…

Haha.. draw some cloud. then …

daddy: can u draw some trees?

Reuven: he start to draw , then he look at me.

daddy: looking at the stroke , I thought he is trying hard. then I show him how to draw a simple tree.

daddy: try again draw a tree.

Reuven: he try agian . and he drew it. and he replied …three..

hahaa finally I see what he draw. instead of tree , a three ! oh my. laughing it out laugh…


with little one, life are always interesting. hahaha :p.

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A’Fire Fighter’ a day with his cousin.

We alighted at kranji and a short walking distance to the fire station. Both boys are very excited.


Entering to the fire station, they are being ‘debrief’ and put on their 1st fire helmet!.  hahaa …just like a 1st recruit. 😛

Axon’s mummy look nervous.. hahaa..


it is very important to respond quickly to the fire site, as each respond they need to be there within 8 mins! 🙂 a salute to all fire fighters too. 🙂 they are debrief. img_20161009_121620

now is the ‘practical part’ ! let’s go to shower the ‘Fire’ or perhap a ‘car wash’ for the incoming ambulance… hahahimg_20161009_122201

brother in arms – Youtube link




then a fireman show us how fast they gear themselve up within a time frame and also share with us those equipments that might be using when rescue  mission such as .

car accident, Fire etc…

























Siren !!!! … we are about to go… hmmm where is my cousin? hahaha and my helmet? anyone guys….?


Fast respond slide down… hahah look at one of the fireman candid smile… hahaha… 😛



Time to move out …

Axon – you sure???

Reuven – Oh My.. Sgt, please tell Axon is urgent…



A nice and walk through on the station, and we could said we have gain more insight about how fire station operate. A special thanks to the Firemen on that day that have spend time and effort to make this sharing so interesting to us and the boys love it. 🙂 thumbs up ! keep on going and thank you for helping Singapore to make a safer place. :



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Reuven expressing his understanding and love…


finally in the evening time. Reuven finally knock out in the bus. as he is so tired…however we are just 2 bus stop away from the main station.

he slept for a while then I wake up him up, he open his arms for a carry…

daddy: Reuven I am sorry, I am not able to carry you. my back still ache. maybe you help me walk for a while? papa find a place for u to rest?

Reuven : no words. and he hold my hand open his tired eyes and go with steps along  to alight the train. think everything went so perfect that there are a seat near by in the interchange and I told him we can rest there.


without haste, and peaceful manner , we walk slowly to the seat and he sleep…

you can feel how much grateful and happy I am at this moment.  🙂