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Reuven & Daddy Swim Day @1st solo slide

started !

it was a hot day yesterday, as i settle my morning work .i ask Reuven shall we go swimming? he is said Yes ! haha times flies really fast and while we are are really , it is already 11am and the sun are scorching.

but not to disappointed Reuven, we make our way to yishun Safra.

shoot , aim, crocodile .. 

he was busy exploding the water playground.

this and this and this..

four shot of selfies ^^

piggy back and ‘submarine’

reuven alsways not forget to ask daddy to ‘submarine’ and piggy him around. he also found a hideout inside the water fountain.

after much encouragement, he finally do his solo slide (rainbow) everytime i see this click it nvr fail to bring my smile. ^^ seriously i love this rainbow ! ^^

stone… after the swim

after a long swim and water play, he stoning…

a double joy for Reuven

give away balloon make reuven morr happiler in macdonald.

also a lesson to learn too.

reuven : i want that balloon

daddy: you go ask that lady in purple dress.

Reuven : i don know how

daddy: just like the magician serect, nvr give up and try.

reuven : he went and ask

^^ but he come back cry as he said the aunty don know how to do gun balloon.

then i explain , i know u feel sad, just that the aunty really don know . just like if u don know , can i be angry?

then the aunty came to us and said shd try. oh my.. then i tell reuven see, she make an effort, if she really cant do it, also cant be mad , cos she also try. just like u make an effort and u cant do it, daddy understand and not angry with you. he nodded.

in the end he still get the gun balloon. 🙂

when we want to exit out the madonald , it is rainy, so we waited a while and it stopped. then i said god stop the rain for us and it will rain when we get home and true enough it did.


wood pecker ! and .. zzzz… ^^


then on way through the park, we saw a woodpecker! haha… daddy also feel excited and amazed to saw one over here.

then the weather turn dark and heavy down pour agian when reach home and he fall asleep on the sofa…^^

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Reuven 1st visit to dentist.

Now on my way to meeting, quickly blog this…

yesterday finally allocate a time for my boy to visit the dentist.

he was borh excited and nervous and scare.

i assured him that dentist is just to check your teeth and clean your teeth. just like how papa use eletric tooth brush brushes for you.

he said still scared. i know school and his classmate has being sharing good things with him about the dental visit. so i think he is 50% ok and all.

waitng for his turn , playing toys and having alot of fun.


there his turn , the hygienist really good and nice. very paitent and show how reuven what she is going to do and tap on his nail on the equpiment that going to clean his teeth to let reuven know it is not pain . i keep watching him.and smile and encourage him cos i see his eyes at first keep look at me. hahaah then . he also use mirror to see what the hygenist doing to his teeth. ^^


after that all fear went away. he show the happy and shiok face. hahaha . i am so happy too. ^^


then he insist to take pics  of his confidence white teeth. haahab

love you my boy. ^^