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Reuven and daddy (back track past week) activities


wall of loves

The wall of love, going to fill up the wall with more love and warmth in the house.  Guess it is still good to develop pictures after all. ::)


handi craft

Reuven received a gift from my friend and he love it. keep playing the alphabet and ‘chop’ ‘chop’. of cos daddy beside chopping too. hehe..  then i realise after play so long, playdoh indeed can mixed and change into another colour .  so we play by mixing and experiment it too.


when he is in it, bulky also 👌

he even want me to bring along to grandpa place. lol

daddy : that is quite bulky , maybe we dont bring that?

Reuven: orhn…n…frown and tutu mouth. Yeye house nothing to play…

daddy: ok ok bring it and ask Yeye to play with you.

Reuven: checky face . lol

you see the pic u know. ::)



Reuven also have a great time cycling and he really able tocycle well now with Yeye training. 🙂



tingkat-healthier food

thanks to my friend reminder , finally my ‘tingkat’started. cook white rice and prepare Reuven food. at least there are no msg for these. healthier and with home cook rice. hhahaah.. he also help me to put dish on microwave to heat all. thinking another way to heat up food to reduce microwave. the food taste great and reuven eat quite a big potion.



these past weeks schedule quite packed and reuven also follow me to appointments . no much time to organise the pic and blog even at late night. today must quickly blog it through… ^.^


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1st request from Reuven to take Christmas picture


after the evening appointment , we walk pass north point. Reuven start to admire and like those decoration. He wanted to take picture with the Hut and the ‘chef’. he is getting more and more vocal and expressive.

can you see him ? haha. lucky he is still quite tall and able to see his head. ::)

then happen my collegues are working around that area .

Reuven said ‘hi’ in a fun and laughter manner. Hehe …


so fast Christmas is around the corner. times really flies. he is going to k1 next yr. oh my .. 🙂


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Exercising with Reuven – Alphabet writing


Few days ago, as he got another new colours pens, he is excited on the new pens and that sparks out the interest to write and draw. we sat down and start to scribble. Since he could spell his name,recognize the letters and always able to sing  the alphabet song,  i feel it will be good to know if he could write A – Z .

He was pretty excited and i draw with some divider, and start to go through with him to write.

those he are able to write, are added with stars and question marks for those currently not able to pen down.

he Score with 16 out of 26.

Encouragement is really important, you can see from my boy clip he was abit sad when he know he got about ten letter that he need improve. when i praise him , from his sad face become confident boy again.

i start to share with him a new phase these past weeks or not to sure when i started, no matter what he doing, like eating meals, playing toys, writing, drawing or whenever he come across any challenge, ‘make an effort’ is the ‘phase’ i use now almost everyday to Reuven and i will add one more line is that ‘Daddy is company or beside you to finish this’. 

jia yo my boy! ^.^


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before going to bed , Reuven sharing with me why he don have toys.. then a surprise he give me… lol


all these while Reuven already start to share with me his sch activities such as who bully him, what he like or anything that he remember.

today he told me he did not play toys in school. then I believe must be a punishment from a teacher . .. then he give me a good laughter.. hahaha…or I should said we have a good laugh together.haha..

watch the clip , see if u feel the same way too when… ^.^ he is always my rainbow. ::)

now he also like to tell me a story after i tell him mine every nite before he sleep and plus today is three days already. I would said his story are getting better and more link up. 🙂



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Reuven 1st Recording ‘Speech’ for a Company Campaign

i guess you might have seen one of the pic posted in FB few weeks ago.  Reuven went for a ‘speech recording’ to promote a campaign. The campaign is for a good cause.

friends asking me is it smooth?  haha .. i would said Reuven have room to grow. as this is his 1st time doing this. Need to give him  more chance for exposure. 🙂

thanks to my friend for this link up and awesome Ben and Sy too for the patience and kind too.  🙂 not to sure will the ‘voice’ being use. anyway it is a good experience. 🙂






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Reuven loo water adventure @ waterAmaze


Reuven having so much fun @ the water play ground.

little ones are always full of energy .

Today he take a step forward and finally agreed to go for a higher slide down!

video of his adventure

haha , wonder it is me who are excited or Reuven. 🙈🙉🙊

I have ask for him to try the highest level, guess he still not ready. lolx


he is having lot of fun with his cousin, mum and family.


looking at his expression, know he is really enjoying himself. ^.^






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Reuven @ Avenger (Sci – Centre) (Backdated 03/11)


now on the way out, and completing this piece of memory.


Few weeks ago, is a day of a boy’s day @ Avenger ! ^.^ Reuven’s best friend Mendel and daddy’s buddies were out to play.


we started to tapped in and get ready to enter.


this hulk thingy was press of the button and you will be able to see him smash or angry…



Iron man suits.


i think the whole tour , my friend and i agreed, this is the only best one (the Suit up).



After the iron man exit, we decided to do our own’legend’. Of course, two agian 1. hahaha..

we have a good dinner at West gate and end the outing with a train ride for both of the little ones.  they are simply so happy and tired too. hhehe..

thank you my pals, Reuven and me definitely have a great time and a great catch up too. 🙂