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After today morning greet run, push up with Reuven


After today morning greeting run, I am trying to do back my pushup . As routine reuven will be ‘eyeing’ me . Wait for the chance to sit on me. As my wrist still yet recover we do a merry round push up.

I ask him how many he want to do. He ponder and shouted 8! ^^ I love his smile and excitement.:)

Haha it is tiring too. Lol and most importantly ‘drain his energy’! ^^

He always full of energy everyday! Lol

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Exercise together with Reuven



As now on my way for my appointment, I would like to write this before I am out of time. This happen during the month of april.

Reuven always like to take his chance to sit on me ever since I doing push up. However we are just like playinghide and seek, when he not looking, i quickly complete my set.

Day by day goes by , he finally have his way up and I also feel that I am much ready now .

Set up the phone and here our video. Haha not bad ya. I still manage to do 10. He like a instructor , every count he call, i got to finish . Lol i still tell him, next time daddy will be on top of you, he reply, daddy too big. .. 🙂


we have a good laugh .





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Reuven flipping daddy younger picture…

Today happen to share with reuven , daddy’s pictures of the younger years. To my surprise he can point out daddy , pri school and secondary class picture.

He get a bit confuse for some of the  picture when daddy was about 3 to 4, is it daddy or reuven. Lol

he even said want to know my friends when daddy show him those friends group photo.

overall he is amazing. What a night ! 🙂