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throw back – daddy 1st birthday song from Reuven


Before i fly to Taiwan , Reuven said he want sing a birthday song and cut birthday cake with me. he is really a sweet boy. ^^ and not forgetting his yeye present too. ^^



then he also prepare a present for me. haha his drawing as a present. ^^ he said he love boat and he would like me to have it. and we colour and draw in his language. 🙂



thank you Reuven,  Daddy is really happy and will always remember this moment . A thoughtful and sweet boy that i have. 🙂


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before going to bed , Reuven sharing with me why he don have toys.. then a surprise he give me… lol


all these while Reuven already start to share with me his sch activities such as who bully him, what he like or anything that he remember.

today he told me he did not play toys in school. then I believe must be a punishment from a teacher . .. then he give me a good laughter.. hahaha…or I should said we have a good laugh together.haha..

watch the clip , see if u feel the same way too when… ^.^ he is always my rainbow. ::)

now he also like to tell me a story after i tell him mine every nite before he sleep and plus today is three days already. I would said his story are getting better and more link up. 🙂



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Reuven expressing his understanding and love…


finally in the evening time. Reuven finally knock out in the bus. as he is so tired…however we are just 2 bus stop away from the main station.

he slept for a while then I wake up him up, he open his arms for a carry…

daddy: Reuven I am sorry, I am not able to carry you. my back still ache. maybe you help me walk for a while? papa find a place for u to rest?

Reuven : no words. and he hold my hand open his tired eyes and go with steps along  to alight the train. think everything went so perfect that there are a seat near by in the interchange and I told him we can rest there.


without haste, and peaceful manner , we walk slowly to the seat and he sleep…

you can feel how much grateful and happy I am at this moment.  🙂