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Getting a present for Reuven’s cousin birthday Axon! …


last week was out and along shopping for Reuven cousin birthday present and Reuven loo was present. I was thinking will he be unbalance if I get for his cousin and did not get for him?

I still go ahead and see how it goes.  when we reach the shop.

daddy: Reuven daddy today I am shopping a present for your cousin  present as his birthday is next week. will you help me choose what he might like ?

Reuven: blur look…

daddy: ( think he might be wondering why I did not get for him ?)

daddy love you ya and just like I buy you toys and so many toys, and your mummy, Yeye Nana and gei-ma too. buying present is sharing of loves and joy too. I last week just brought you one so today no ya. 🙂

Reuven: he knob his head and said let me see what he like , I help to choose. then he run around . and pickup this i think he will like this!

deep down in my heart , I am surprised and feel great. he is so sensible and sweet. i got this urge just want to buy him another toy for a reward!  but I hold back (it is really not easy).

I want him to be able to accept with no rewards in return, not everytime goes out sure have toys , take for granted and able to accept no and handle disappointed feeling.

to Reuven:

with things taken as apperciation and not in a mind; for exchange in return when complete some task and ‘only can accept yes’as his standard answer, I believe this will help you in term of viewing life perspective and be happier.

it is not easy for daddy to hold back, buying a toy is easy and make you satisfied however bringing you with the right value and sharing is the key.

you are awesome my boy ! ^.^ your daddy /buddy.

and today just attend my newphew birthday celebration in school. abit late reach there, so sorry. and he call me so loud when i reach  Gu zhai! hahah and my boy also  Daaaaaaaddddddyyy… hahah both come and hug me . oh my.. melt. LOL 🙂 they always kill me instantly with all these. 🙂

and i also look like a boy/ buddy hiding behind them . hahah 🙂 heart so sweet.








Posted in Age of 4, Reuven Loo Growing up

A Day before Reuven be a “小舅子” for Daddy’s cousin wedding

Back dated blog on last Friday (30/10)

2 -3 months ago, my aunt was asking me help for my boy to help to be “小舅子” to open the car door to welcome the groom on the big day . i would think it is very nice and special. i immediately said Yes and i am sure Reuven will like it too.  Daddy, also done once before when i was a little one too and i know how exciting it will be. 🙂

Last Friday, was a tight schedule got 2 appointments in the noon and evening at different locations and the wedding was on Sat.Squeezing the time of a day to complete these.

i have already got the clothes for the big day and short of a ‘director cap’. search high and low, still no luck.

in the end still was a happy shopping. Reuven try many caps and keep asking me to look at him while he put on all the caps on,  haha…. he even do those cow boy  (remove the hat like a cowboy and shouted ‘Eeee Haaaa’,  lolx.then he also ask me put on and i also join in  with him together. haha…

then he got a choice, to choice between the Minion and the colourful cap. he wanted both… i told him only 1, take your pick.

He put his finger near his mouth and erm… he pointed ‘ Colourful one’ . then straight away wear it. 🙂  and he tell me..

Reuven : Daddy daddy i look so cool !

Daddy: stunned… where he learn this phase from. lolx. indeed he look great. 🙂


then on the way to my appointment with Reuven, a very nice lady reward her some stickers in the train. how he do that? well.. i am not sure but certainly it was fun and happy experience boarding the train and he is trying hard to cover all the stickers away from the camera. lol…


then after my appointment, i feel Reuven such a nice boy, i wanted to get some ‘ice cream’ for him.. haha and we did it in Yishun , however  he was so enthusiastic. i ask him what favour and fruits he would like, he reply with strawberry , grapes and strawberry flavour.

Daddy : Wah! it look so delicious !

Reuven: Yummy ! Strawberries !

Daddy : i can’t wait to eat !

then snap the picture … lol. 🙂

however most of the yoghurt goes into my stomach, lol , guess he is quite full from the dinner… 🙂


I keep sharing with Reuven how exciting it will be to help to be a “小舅子” for tomorrow for the past weeks and sharing ” you will be helping to open the car door” with ‘higher note’ and share how cool it will be and he will be able to help and use his ‘super geko muscle’ to open the door.

Everyone will be so proud and happy of you. 🙂 he is so ready and can’t wait to do it.

haha if you wish to know what is ‘super geko muscle’, try youtube, VJmask. hahah..

Ya, that is my boy. a happy boy, a sunshine boy, My #ReuvenLoo, 😛