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Daddy as a tutor -Goal for Reuven A-Z spelling


Today spend some time with Reuven other than my work . In the evening, he take out some cards A to Z along and wanted me to play with him.

i think it is about time for him to start the spelling and writing journey.

i Ask him to pick 4 alphaba out and he said 6 ! hahaha i said ok.

then use different methods and fine tune to make him more focus and encourage him.  where try and error which is his weak and strong side and improve from there.

at first he waz losing focus , and when he get it wrong or don remember , i fine tune abit to what he is more comfortable, when he is losing focus , i got told him about the disney channel that he wanted to watch will be miss and he only have two choices…

when he is down and feel sad or feel he cant do it, i share the story about how he learn to pick up to sing those disney channel songs and how he practise it. from practise , tough become easy. and daddy also learn rubie cube , from tough become easy. all need focus and practise. As long we make an effort. ^^

definitely we need alot of water during this learning. lolx….

in the end, the rewards is he could spell 4 out of 6 within an hour span and award with happy and confident. 🙂

this four of the animal cards will be om the wall of the fame. 🙂

i am really happy for him. Jio yo boy. daddy love u, it is only when u give up then it will be the end, as long we keep trying i am sure we will be there. and daddy will be with you on your learning journey too. 🙂


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1st journey to independent for I pad searching using I pad


Reuven: daddy daddy , I want blippi daddy. can you help me ?

daddy: Reuven, wow you already can spell the words , u are really good. you just need to find the words and type it.

Reuven: i can’t.

Daddy: just try, you be surprise that what come along .

Reuven: i can’t find the ‘i’ .

daddy: be cool , how does ‘i’ look like ?

Reuven: two lines ( like that )

daddy : very good ( 1st hint) on the 1st row. ( to my surprise Reuven know what 1st row means. ) beside letter U.

Reuven: (he search all the words and find the video he want) happy face . ^ ^

Daddy : well done Reuven! ^.^

think this is the start that he don’need me to search for him.any more videos. :).

however i feel this video learning not bad, quite interactive. ^.^