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Reuven, my boy 5th birthday


Times flies Reuven , 5 years has pass. You have grow taller and handsome and cheeky. My happy antidotes.

Although mummy and daddy are not together, we always love you. Daddy this year sing a birthday song with my guitar as you requested and I know you like it. 🙂 this year have to celebrate abit early due to your mum schedule.

Teacher told me today u are really happy and excited about today celebration. 🙂

Keep smiling Reuven and you forever will be blessed with happiness and joy. Always with you and love you , daddy. 🙂

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practice writing Reuven’s name and number.


just ask randomly to ask reuven to practise his writing. as today while he in sch I did peek into his class before I left. he is writing and participating in a group with teacher on writing number or letters on the while board. I saw him write a number four when teacher ask him to write.  he was so happy to engage and put up his hands to go forward.

then at night I try to write with him. he will start write number 2 from the bottom to top.

then I show him. from top to bottom write a 2. then I ask him which one better. he choose the top to the bottom. however he still write from bottom to top.  I guess he is using this method as drawing technique. then I use five dots and join theme together and guide him through. he is getting better and he start from top to bottom. 🙂

then I know he is a bit bored. I start to ask if he could write his name. he said no..then I spell a REUVEN Loo for him as a guide for him to walk through.

his R initially very special. Haha the ‘tail’ will come out from the top. then the letter V like U. and he said it is the same. then letter ‘N’, he will continue to write without lifting up the pencil. using counting strokes and sounds to make him remember how it is to be written when coming another stroke.

in the end , he really did well with some practice. his first written name spell out today! ^.^ I am happy too that I share and able to guide him through. look at his happy face.haaa wonder if spell his Chinese name will he …. hahaa 🙂


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Reuven 1st action Figurine

Reuven 1st action figure

After my late night appointment, his iron man in the bag finally can give to reuven when i get home.

Going to age of 4 soon, Reuven start to be more aware and expose to the superhero. he started to said that he wanted to have a superhero. he will always point to the iron man and said super hero. i decided to get him a Iron man 1st action figure!

he is so happy and surprise! 🙂

Iron man! This is what he siad when he slowly take out the box from the plastic bag.  🙂 heheh

actually all the tiredness just go away in a whirl. and the joy of happiness just fill up instantly. 🙂

every night the iron man will follow him and he ask me what can iron man do?  of cos this is another daddy and son bonding ‘telling story’ when role play with the figure. there is a time i try to use iron man to encourage him to sleep …


Daddy : Iron man said ‘ Reuven it is late now’, it is bed bed time.

Reuven: Daddy, Iron man can’t talk, it is just a toy..

faint… lol.. he is really grow up liao. : )


After all boys are still boys.  🙂 and i am proud to be the one to give him the first figurine from his stage of his life. Let me recall my dad also buy me a first action figure when i was quite small,  they are the 3 person in a team, can fix equipment on to their body suit. can fly, swim and land. lol my childhood. 🙂

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Learning to draw and Write

Today, Reuven was very excited about the colour pencils that was received yesterday from the birthday celebration.


I took this chance to share with him another lesson. At first i thought of teaching him to write his name , in the end i feel that he should be more comfortable ( as he is very happy when talk about shape)  and able to control his stroke. Then that will help to boost his confidence on writing.

imageFew months back ,i remember i guide him on how to hold the pencil, and today i share with him again, he hold it very well. I started to explain how to draw the triangle with those aided point. Such as demo, hold his hand to draw and keep repeat the steps.

imageLike saiding 1( continue from one point to another) , stop,(lift up the hand) , 2( join another point) stop, 3. ( join another point). He actually repeat what i said.

After a few practise, he manage to draw some decent triangle ! ( in green) . To reward him, i give him a star ! He is overjoyed and keep practising hard! He kept saiding, Daddy, i want stars !:)




Reuven adventure


This is the best picture we taken out of 6 shots from this huskies sledge adventure.

Looking at this picture , i still remember Reuven’s smile was full of joy and he was curious and love those huge huskies( to him) . Haha .. It was an amazing ride with Reuven and My wife with the 6 Huskies.  His clothing was over size and seriously it was really cute for a toddler to be in this outfit!  and to my surprise , he is walking around with the snow and do not want to carry or hold by us!

Although he is not looking at the picture, don you think he is adorable with that expression. :).

Tough little one who is not afraid of cold and he keep expressing that he is happy !:) really melt both of our hearts.