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Reuven MC holiday extended 2days along with weekend.

as we all are now on the coach bus to the airport, taking this time to write the past week event with Reuven ^.^


After yesterday midnight fever and all, bring reuven to have breakfast together. however his appetite not yet recover, we just play along with the camera for some fun shots.


his tummies still bloated and time for him to head to see a doctor and guess what ? it is something like stomach flu and well of cos when he sick i got to more entertai him . he want me to be an iron man to feed him . hahaha god..


play with him about puzzles matching with occpuation and english amd chinese words. when they love it. they will like this word. ‘again’ lol faintz..


1st reuven birthday present for daddy. he said he draw a boat for me. lol. ^.^ as i will be oversea on the actual day , he want to draw and give it to me first and also birthday cake and birthday song on next posting i will share. .. ๐Ÿ™‚


and while i doing my works. reuven will come over and sit on me and seek my attention. lol. then discover his A-z and numbers improved alot. ๐Ÿ™‚


it is always a challenge to handle between work and boy. then here he come with this after that. playdohs.. hahaa





he is recovering fast and be my coach, my buddy and join me for my daily abs routine. ๐Ÿ™‚


and dinner time his appetite is back , of cos using new methods to open his mouth. some might ask me why still feeding ? sometime they are just small children, they still need this here and there. lolx of cos as long he make an effort try to eat and complete first . then penguin daddy come in. most important i enjoy too. haha


at night brushing teeth, i realise his brushing skill are polished and now can hear the brushing sound. think very very soon i don need to brush for him already. now only the inner area i brush for him abit. ๐Ÿ™‚



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Reuven and daddy (back track past week) activities


wall of loves

The wall of love, going to fill up the wall with more love and warmth in the house. ย Guess it is still good to develop pictures after all. ::)


handi craft

Reuven received a gift from my friend and he love it. keep playing the alphabet and ‘chop’ ‘chop’. of cos daddy beside chopping too. hehe.. ย then i realise after play so long, playdoh indeed can mixed and change into another colour . ย so we play by mixing and experiment it too.


when he is in it, bulky also ๐Ÿ‘Œ

he even want me to bring along to grandpa place. lol

daddy : that is quite bulky , maybe we dont bring that?

Reuven: orhn…n…frown and tutu mouth. Yeye house nothing to play…

daddy: ok ok bring it and ask Yeye to play with you.

Reuven: checky face . lol

you see the pic u know. ::)



Reuven also have a great time cycling and he really able tocycle well now with Yeye training. ๐Ÿ™‚



tingkat-healthier food

thanks to my friend reminder , finally my ‘tingkat’started. cook white rice and prepare Reuven food. at least there are no msg for these. healthier and with home cook rice. hhahaah.. he also help me to put dish on microwave to heat all. thinking another way to heat up food to reduce microwave. the food taste great and reuven eat quite a big potion.



these past weeks schedule quite packed and reuven also follow me to appointments . no much time to organise the pic and blog even at late night. today must quickly blog it through… ^.^