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practice writing Reuven’s name and number.


just ask randomly to ask reuven to practise his writing. as today while he in sch I did peek into his class before I left. he is writing and participating in a group with teacher on writing number or letters on the while board. I saw him write a number four when teacher ask him to write.  he was so happy to engage and put up his hands to go forward.

then at night I try to write with him. he will start write number 2 from the bottom to top.

then I show him. from top to bottom write a 2. then I ask him which one better. he choose the top to the bottom. however he still write from bottom to top.  I guess he is using this method as drawing technique. then I use five dots and join theme together and guide him through. he is getting better and he start from top to bottom. 🙂

then I know he is a bit bored. I start to ask if he could write his name. he said no..then I spell a REUVEN Loo for him as a guide for him to walk through.

his R initially very special. Haha the ‘tail’ will come out from the top. then the letter V like U. and he said it is the same. then letter ‘N’, he will continue to write without lifting up the pencil. using counting strokes and sounds to make him remember how it is to be written when coming another stroke.

in the end , he really did well with some practice. his first written name spell out today! ^.^ I am happy too that I share and able to guide him through. look at his happy face.haaa wonder if spell his Chinese name will he …. hahaa 🙂


Posted in Age of 4, Reuven Loo Growing up

Reuven first written chinese word 呂

Take this chance to write this before reuven wake up. Haha.


Reuven first Chinese word (surname) written by himself with a decent stroke 呂!


today is a lesson for him to understand his name better and how to write.  thank God, After that day bed talk he is getting more and more interested in Chinese.  Although still can’t comment that he is excited , at least he is onto it now. 🙂

With colour pencil on his hand,imagination run wild and he drew on paper.

Reuven: daddy daddy look look I draw a robot!

daddy :just a minute, I am doing some work . I promise I be ready in a min.

Reuven: daddy ..don’t want to see ..(then he sulk face).

daddy: just imagine those video about daddy ignore their children when their children are so excited to show the joy.

I immediately stopped work. I am always constantly reminding myself that he is just happy to share at that moment. if I missed it, the feeling and the excitement will be gone.  I must grab it that moment to show more encouragement.

I take this chance to  interact with him more and take this chance to practise chinese stroke. haha and also explain about his Chinese name and Surname and we go by stage to write it.


he is so happy. ^ .^ seriously I also feel happy too. this is his first Chinese decent writing without any aids. although I admit it is quite easy to write. Haha but it is still a milestone:)

love you my boy. 🙂 jia yo! 🙂

by the way can try those colour pencil that are thicker in diameter and shorter. it is easier for them to grip and hold. I feel my boy improve alot and write it better. 🙂