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Reuven, my boy 5th birthday


Times flies Reuven , 5 years has pass. You have grow taller and handsome and cheeky. My happy antidotes.

Although mummy and daddy are not together, we always love you. Daddy this year sing a birthday song with my guitar as you requested and I know you like it. 🙂 this year have to celebrate abit early due to your mum schedule.

Teacher told me today u are really happy and excited about today celebration. 🙂

Keep smiling Reuven and you forever will be blessed with happiness and joy. Always with you and love you , daddy. 🙂

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throw back – daddy 1st birthday song from Reuven


Before i fly to Taiwan , Reuven said he want sing a birthday song and cut birthday cake with me. he is really a sweet boy. ^^ and not forgetting his yeye present too. ^^



then he also prepare a present for me. haha his drawing as a present. ^^ he said he love boat and he would like me to have it. and we colour and draw in his language. 🙂



thank you Reuven,  Daddy is really happy and will always remember this moment . A thoughtful and sweet boy that i have. 🙂


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Getting a present for Reuven’s cousin birthday Axon! …


last week was out and along shopping for Reuven cousin birthday present and Reuven loo was present. I was thinking will he be unbalance if I get for his cousin and did not get for him?

I still go ahead and see how it goes.  when we reach the shop.

daddy: Reuven daddy today I am shopping a present for your cousin  present as his birthday is next week. will you help me choose what he might like ?

Reuven: blur look…

daddy: ( think he might be wondering why I did not get for him ?)

daddy love you ya and just like I buy you toys and so many toys, and your mummy, Yeye Nana and gei-ma too. buying present is sharing of loves and joy too. I last week just brought you one so today no ya. 🙂

Reuven: he knob his head and said let me see what he like , I help to choose. then he run around . and pickup this i think he will like this!

deep down in my heart , I am surprised and feel great. he is so sensible and sweet. i got this urge just want to buy him another toy for a reward!  but I hold back (it is really not easy).

I want him to be able to accept with no rewards in return, not everytime goes out sure have toys , take for granted and able to accept no and handle disappointed feeling.

to Reuven:

with things taken as apperciation and not in a mind; for exchange in return when complete some task and ‘only can accept yes’as his standard answer, I believe this will help you in term of viewing life perspective and be happier.

it is not easy for daddy to hold back, buying a toy is easy and make you satisfied however bringing you with the right value and sharing is the key.

you are awesome my boy ! ^.^ your daddy /buddy.

and today just attend my newphew birthday celebration in school. abit late reach there, so sorry. and he call me so loud when i reach  Gu zhai! hahah and my boy also  Daaaaaaaddddddyyy… hahah both come and hug me . oh my.. melt. LOL 🙂 they always kill me instantly with all these. 🙂

and i also look like a boy/ buddy hiding behind them . hahah 🙂 heart so sweet.








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Reuven expressing his understanding and love…


finally in the evening time. Reuven finally knock out in the bus. as he is so tired…however we are just 2 bus stop away from the main station.

he slept for a while then I wake up him up, he open his arms for a carry…

daddy: Reuven I am sorry, I am not able to carry you. my back still ache. maybe you help me walk for a while? papa find a place for u to rest?

Reuven : no words. and he hold my hand open his tired eyes and go with steps along  to alight the train. think everything went so perfect that there are a seat near by in the interchange and I told him we can rest there.


without haste, and peaceful manner , we walk slowly to the seat and he sleep…

you can feel how much grateful and happy I am at this moment.  🙂