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Reuven 1st official cooker helper… lol


As i started my healthy meal 3 to 4weeks ago. Lol. I start to cook simple and healthy food. Reuven always like to help and i am always more than happy to have him.

And added .




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Reuven draw 1st Family pic


Reuven 1st family drawing,

last week, Reuven staying with her mum and her mum send me this pic. from this pic, i know Reuven is happy and joy. it is so sweet when i see this pic and comfort.

He draw me taller and mummy shorter and him. and all with a sweet smile! with a enclose sweetness  (drawing cover up with blue scribble at the side and mummy daddy surround him , let me know he feel safe and secure too.

haha can see that his motor skill and expression is sweet and positive. Choosing blue as his favourite color is also a sign of happy. 🙂 Not forgetting the Sun on the right.

Reuven you are  Awesome ! 🙂

although you did not tell me, by looking at the drawing you already did.

love you my boy ! 🙂


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Reuven expressing his understanding and love…


finally in the evening time. Reuven finally knock out in the bus. as he is so tired…however we are just 2 bus stop away from the main station.

he slept for a while then I wake up him up, he open his arms for a carry…

daddy: Reuven I am sorry, I am not able to carry you. my back still ache. maybe you help me walk for a while? papa find a place for u to rest?

Reuven : no words. and he hold my hand open his tired eyes and go with steps along  to alight the train. think everything went so perfect that there are a seat near by in the interchange and I told him we can rest there.


without haste, and peaceful manner , we walk slowly to the seat and he sleep…

you can feel how much grateful and happy I am at this moment.  🙂