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Reuven mini me


Reuven see me take off my shirt. He start to flex his muscle . Hahaha the expression are priceless. ^.^  although he disturb me alot, but he is always my happy antidotes.  Lolx.

And before that he still sing a b c.. bit a innovative one. Lol… i join him when out of the bus… haha it shock him hahahaah….

Then he said.. u hoho… u copy me rite. Hahah…

Counting down to japan trip and of cos his disneyland.  p.. Reuven is so excited. Hahaa.. ^^

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Reuven draw 1st Family pic


Reuven 1st family drawing,

last week, Reuven staying with her mum and her mum send me this pic. from this pic, i know Reuven is happy and joy. it is so sweet when i see this pic and comfort.

He draw me taller and mummy shorter and him. and all with a sweet smile! with a enclose sweetness  (drawing cover up with blue scribble at the side and mummy daddy surround him , let me know he feel safe and secure too.

haha can see that his motor skill and expression is sweet and positive. Choosing blue as his favourite color is also a sign of happy. 🙂 Not forgetting the Sun on the right.

Reuven you are  Awesome ! 🙂

although you did not tell me, by looking at the drawing you already did.

love you my boy ! 🙂