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The first picture drawing I witness about my boy that he draw

Today Reuven take some crayon and start to draw. As i was doing some work , I thought he will be drawing ‘anyhow ‘as usual.

Reuven : daddy daddy look look i draw a sq!

daddy : Wah true enough , a nice sq!

Reuven:  daddy daddy look I draw a sun !

daddy : eyebrow raise! this is the first time I see him draw a picture. Haha woah !


then daddy put down his work and walk to him to start drawing…

Haha.. draw some cloud. then …

daddy: can u draw some trees?

Reuven: he start to draw , then he look at me.

daddy: looking at the stroke , I thought he is trying hard. then I show him how to draw a simple tree.

daddy: try again draw a tree.

Reuven: he try agian . and he drew it. and he replied …three..

hahaa finally I see what he draw. instead of tree , a three ! oh my. laughing it out laugh…


with little one, life are always interesting. hahaha :p.