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light blue sofa chosen by Reuven and daddy…


past few months, I am so ready to get rid of my old sofa and replace with a new one.

I was choosing and thinking which one to choose from. asking some friends opinions and of cos not forgetting my boy.

I selected a few one and ask him which one is good.

he keep repeat with the same selection even thought I random or mixed up the selection.  he still choose this light blue…

Haha.. I was abit hesitating about this colour as easy to dirty. and not leather and… after all most important he is happy and bright colours also can make the house look more bright and not dull.

in the end , I go ahead. Haha.. so when the sofa arrive. he is indeed a happy boy.

daddy : Reuven, is this sofa nice ?

reuven: it is so comfy . I like and light blue !

daddy : remember you keep your promise, only can sit and rest and not jump..

reuven: .. cannot jump? .. o k…

daddy : glups…

till today he still keep his promise. 🙂