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Reuven ‘level up’ of calming his daddy

now on the train to next appointment .  quickly blog this..Hehe ^.^

Daddy : i am very angry with you . you are so going to be grounded and I am going to discipline you.

Reuven: ooh . daddy i am sorry..  I don dare to do it agian. Don be angry.

Reuven : i hug you. ( he literally hug).

daddy: not going to work this time.

Reuven: I kiss you . ( he literally kiss me )

daddy: nope , still angry . (but inside already melt,lol)

then Reuven use a new method..

Reuven: sorry daddy, ..heart shape. ok?.. i am sorry..and he show the picture as below.  he know works.. and he keep heart shape? heart shape?. haha

daddy: can not hold any longer.. break out the laughter and sweet smile.

how can I be still angry with Reuven? he is so adorable and I also don know where e learn this to counter this situation.

Haha then I joking still said no.. he laugh and continue square shape? triangle shape ? (shaping with his fingers) . haha


love you my boy , you always put on alot of energy and laughter and joy in my life. ^.^