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Reuven 1st official cooker helper… lol


As i started my healthy meal 3 to 4weeks ago. Lol. I start to cook simple and healthy food. Reuven always like to help and i am always more than happy to have him.

And added .




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Reuven and daddy house make up and throw back 1st offical kitchen helper



Today is a home make up day. I start to clean the home and reuven will come in the room and said..

Reuven : daddy u vaccum ? I help ?
Daddy: so nice of you. Lets make our home.

This is not the 1st time we do together.  I would most of the time he will helped me 🙂 guess his young time i always enioy with him do this together make him feel that house work is just an activity  and not being forced.  Hehe

Yes he will be tired.. thank you reuven. Daddy love you . 🙂

Think 2 – 3 weeks ago, i start to fried and cooked .. Reuven come in and ask can i help ?

So he wash vegetable, carrot and chicken.. hahaa


The food still not bad hor. Hehe 🙂

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Reuven & Daddy Swim Day @1st solo slide

started !

it was a hot day yesterday, as i settle my morning work .i ask Reuven shall we go swimming? he is said Yes ! haha times flies really fast and while we are are really , it is already 11am and the sun are scorching.

but not to disappointed Reuven, we make our way to yishun Safra.

shoot , aim, crocodile .. 

he was busy exploding the water playground.

this and this and this..

four shot of selfies ^^

piggy back and ‘submarine’

reuven alsways not forget to ask daddy to ‘submarine’ and piggy him around. he also found a hideout inside the water fountain.

after much encouragement, he finally do his solo slide (rainbow) everytime i see this click it nvr fail to bring my smile. ^^ seriously i love this rainbow ! ^^

stone… after the swim

after a long swim and water play, he stoning…

a double joy for Reuven

give away balloon make reuven morr happiler in macdonald.

also a lesson to learn too.

reuven : i want that balloon

daddy: you go ask that lady in purple dress.

Reuven : i don know how

daddy: just like the magician serect, nvr give up and try.

reuven : he went and ask

^^ but he come back cry as he said the aunty don know how to do gun balloon.

then i explain , i know u feel sad, just that the aunty really don know . just like if u don know , can i be angry?

then the aunty came to us and said shd try. oh my.. then i tell reuven see, she make an effort, if she really cant do it, also cant be mad , cos she also try. just like u make an effort and u cant do it, daddy understand and not angry with you. he nodded.

in the end he still get the gun balloon. 🙂

when we want to exit out the madonald , it is rainy, so we waited a while and it stopped. then i said god stop the rain for us and it will rain when we get home and true enough it did.


wood pecker ! and .. zzzz… ^^


then on way through the park, we saw a woodpecker! haha… daddy also feel excited and amazed to saw one over here.

then the weather turn dark and heavy down pour agian when reach home and he fall asleep on the sofa…^^

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CNY – River Ang Bao


we are on the way to River Ang Bao.  as impromptu , I feel to let Reuven feel abit more in CNY mood, decided to bring him to squeeze with the crowd to experience the cny mood. I told him that there will be those CNY light and food and games . he love it so much and said must go tonight. lol .


when we just reached.  Omg…



then overhear from crowd there will be a firework at 9pm .blessed we reach there about 8.40pm. and thanks Reuven keep ask me to sit on the grandstand. with a good view to see the fireworks.


after that is to find our zodiac sign for pictures ^.^

1st picture Reuven take for Daddy. still not a bad shot. 🙂



he keep want to watch people perform on stage and have to piggy him.  then rest a while with a small bites.



Reuven said want to take fishes .


and happen to bump to daddy’friend and help to take Reuven a nice picture  🙂


he love balloons. especially those can float. haha


then get some tickets for the games to start.


Reuven was so excited to play rheya bumper car .

Reuven : i drive ok , Daddy sit beside me

daddy: you can’t reach, when you older I let you drive .

Reuven  : Noo…

after board the car,

Reuven: daddy u drive , I sit beside you.

lol . think he know he is not ready.

daddy: hold.tight my hand at all times otherwise when ppl knock on us you will bang infront.

true enough, he did not grab me tight he teeth almost knock on the steering wheel bit with my arms and hands protect him.

after this, he even listen to my advice as he know all I said is for him. 🙂


then we play the mini farris wheel. haha

Daddy : this is the last ride for the train ya. is it ok Reuven?

Reuven  : said yes and did not even throw tantrum or want more . he is so contentEd.

my heart melt literally, then … still change some tickets for the games.  Haha boys are still boys .


Daddy manage to win a small prize for him. Haha he is so happy ! ^.^ he enjoy alot on the games.


a late night home as he is really tired and slept shortly after that ^.^


when reach home ..


Reuven  is so happy the mini prize is a coin bank frog. Haha . slept at 2am. oh gosh.  Hehe..what a cny day 2. ^.^

love you my boy ^.^ always your daddy/buddy/mentor

it is really  a good place for a cny outing especially these few days the weather are cooling.


this picture is taken by my friend. isn’t it nice . happy new year everyone ! ^.^







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Reuven 1st obstacle challenges with mendel


clip taken last sunday at pollywog, one of the obstacle. Reuven overcoming his fear and believing daddy and himself.screenshot_20161222-234428

jJust want to add this video in first. really feel the ‘安慰’when I see the video agian. as i can see my boy are doing his best to cross the obstacle and overcome his fear. he believe me and completed this.i would said it is something that will open up more for him to understand himself better and built more confident.

special thanks to my pal Ivor for taking this video . it is really a good memory for us. 🙂

I am proud of you too my boy.  stay strong and keep going. daddy will beside you. 🙂

the rest of the shots I will upload here another day. too many to sort and to to write.


This is a moment i saw Reuven 1st time started to blended well and focus in the activities. such as putting up hands and respond with excitement. i am really glad to see this.



A moment with his buddy Mendel, to go through the obstacle. 🙂


Reuven was scare as this is a good opportunity for him to expand his comfort zone. Daddy are always with you. 🙂


Everyone is a Winner! 🙂 great jobs Reuven and Mendel ! 🙂 proud of  you all. 🙂


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Reuven 1st offical running with Daddy

now on the way to start my long day of appointments, quickly blog today happening.

yesterday my boy ask me when he saw my running shoes.

Reuven: daddy can i run with you ?

daddy: sure. I am waiting for you to ring with me. let’s do it tomorrow morning! ^.^

we shall wake up at 7 .run , bath eat breakfast then bring u to sch.  ok? so we have to sleep early tonight.

next day….

he wake you at 7 .

daddy : Reuven wake up already . let’s go running.

Reuven: five minutes.  but with a hidden smile.

know he tired ..Haha so let he laze about 10 mins. then I said lets go , otherwise too late we can’t run.

then he jump up bed and get ready .

quickly video the start up . hahaa



and use many ways to encourage him to run.



Haha.. along the way those aunties , uncle very nice .thumbs up my boy and greet with good morning too. ^.^

then we prepare to cool down..


then I show him the map he conquer! he is so happy! Hehe..


well done my boy!! I am sure you will get better and better each run u take.  now the run keeper are useful too for my boy. Hehe.


and I ask to bring to sch to share with teachers and classmates.  a good start of happy joy day.:)

Daddy really so happy and proud ^.^ jia yo! love you my boy.


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Reuven and daddy (back track past week) activities


wall of loves

The wall of love, going to fill up the wall with more love and warmth in the house.  Guess it is still good to develop pictures after all. ::)


handi craft

Reuven received a gift from my friend and he love it. keep playing the alphabet and ‘chop’ ‘chop’. of cos daddy beside chopping too. hehe..  then i realise after play so long, playdoh indeed can mixed and change into another colour .  so we play by mixing and experiment it too.


when he is in it, bulky also 👌

he even want me to bring along to grandpa place. lol

daddy : that is quite bulky , maybe we dont bring that?

Reuven: orhn…n…frown and tutu mouth. Yeye house nothing to play…

daddy: ok ok bring it and ask Yeye to play with you.

Reuven: checky face . lol

you see the pic u know. ::)



Reuven also have a great time cycling and he really able tocycle well now with Yeye training. 🙂



tingkat-healthier food

thanks to my friend reminder , finally my ‘tingkat’started. cook white rice and prepare Reuven food. at least there are no msg for these. healthier and with home cook rice. hhahaah.. he also help me to put dish on microwave to heat all. thinking another way to heat up food to reduce microwave. the food taste great and reuven eat quite a big potion.



these past weeks schedule quite packed and reuven also follow me to appointments . no much time to organise the pic and blog even at late night. today must quickly blog it through… ^.^