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Reuven first written chinese word 呂

Take this chance to write this before reuven wake up. Haha.


Reuven first Chinese word (surname) written by himself with a decent stroke 呂!


today is a lesson for him to understand his name better and how to write.  thank God, After that day bed talk he is getting more and more interested in Chinese.  Although still can’t comment that he is excited , at least he is onto it now. 🙂

With colour pencil on his hand,imagination run wild and he drew on paper.

Reuven: daddy daddy look look I draw a robot!

daddy :just a minute, I am doing some work . I promise I be ready in a min.

Reuven: daddy ..don’t want to see ..(then he sulk face).

daddy: just imagine those video about daddy ignore their children when their children are so excited to show the joy.

I immediately stopped work. I am always constantly reminding myself that he is just happy to share at that moment. if I missed it, the feeling and the excitement will be gone.  I must grab it that moment to show more encouragement.

I take this chance to  interact with him more and take this chance to practise chinese stroke. haha and also explain about his Chinese name and Surname and we go by stage to write it.


he is so happy. ^ .^ seriously I also feel happy too. this is his first Chinese decent writing without any aids. although I admit it is quite easy to write. Haha but it is still a milestone:)

love you my boy. 🙂 jia yo! 🙂

by the way can try those colour pencil that are thicker in diameter and shorter. it is easier for them to grip and hold. I feel my boy improve alot and write it better. 🙂


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An ColourFul art and craft work with Reuven- Easy DIY photo ‘frame’

Time Flies, now weekend again. Must catch up the blogging for last week some of the happening.


i remember after Reuven help me to choose the sofa colour, and some of my friends also commented that little one are attracted to colourful thing. i got this idea making  our ‘photo frame’. i drag this quite long, till last week at late evening, we finally make it happen. 🙂

Daddy : Reuven, did you want to do art and craft ?

Reuven : what is art and craft ?

Daddy : something to do with your hand, we need to do up the ‘photo frame’  i need your help, will you able to help me?

Reuven: two index finger touch on his left and right and with a cheeky smile. nodded his head and rush over.


some colour papers we get from popular and of cos grapes are our snack.  can see that his griping of glues and pen are getting better and better.


then he also participated to put up the photo on the wall. look at his happy face..and of cos mine too. haha . Quite a successful art and craft i think. 🙂 most important he become more confident and think out of the box when alot of shape, design  and colours combination i leave it to him to decide. he was really decisive.

you all can try that too. 🙂

Good nite everyone.

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Reuven and his Cousin A day full of fun ! :)


Time flies, i think it is time for Reuven to use his own translink card and go thought the gantry. think back to the first time he enter the first time, now he is more confident, and very sure know what he is doing.

of cos he grow taller . just feel a relief and also feel time flies … he really a big boy now. 🙂



A ride together with his cousin on the train. and also the first time he sat ‘ alone’ without me. i ask him is it ok he sit with Axon and daddy will just wait here.

he reply : Yes! lol. look he is so happy and excited with his best cousin. 🙂 always so cheeky and adorable. 🙂


then a ‘gym’ exercise for him , he can play whole day, i am watching a distant from him. he is really moving on his own and access the situation. never said died attitude .thumb ups. 🙂

as his cousin is younger than him, Reuven also help to pull his Axon up! to me i feel he is more and more open and aware of people feeling and emotion. 🙂 the share of caring are getting bigger and bigger. 🙂




then their ‘energiser’ battery still went on, went to play the water playground. His 1st experience. hahha.. and Axon lead him on this. haha at first he was abit reluctant and he said clothes will be wet so he said cant play but i told him that i got Bringg….hhaha then i said when u are ready, let daddy know, you can join Axon anytime when u are ready. 🙂  then after a while he went in.. hehehe



i start to stimulate with him about the Sesame Street the ‘cookie jump’ as i saw him jump once, and we count of four and ten, and end with the ‘evil laugh , ah ah ah ah … hahah he is so happy!. 🙂 me too of cos. hahaha


then i saw him he was very curious about the big splash of water coming down. and i ask him…

Daddy: Reuven u stand there and let the water come down and splash ?

Reuven : shake head


Reuven : thinking, give the cheeky smile, both hand and fingers point to each hands and tongue stick out and NODDED!


Daddy and his aunt saw his expression laugh it out loud! so adorable ! too bad  not in time to capture this hahaha…

while waiting for the water to fall, he was abit scared, and i encourage him further. then…



20160911_083839 (1).png

Priceless experience with a satisfaction smile ! Mission accomplished ! hahah. and he run to me give me, high five. then i got evil thought, i said

how about do it agian? .. haha he said NOoooo…

with double SCOOP ice cream? hahah he still said no.. , then he also encourage Axon to try too.. hee 🙂 A good motivator. 🙂 i like this picture alot, a measure of his growing up legs, hands and head.. hahaha.. don’t know i can ‘KIKI’ back to how old.


after all this , he is tired, of cos he still remember the ice cream and that explain why he abit sad face. cos he is tried and need to eat dinner then can have ice cream.. hehe

but in the end he have them all. 🙂 what a day for him and for everyone of us and thank you everyone for being part of Reuven’s life. Reuven so happy!  🙂





and later at night i thought he will sleep early, he still cant forget his story book telling before letting me go sleep.. hahaha

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Learning to draw and Write

Today, Reuven was very excited about the colour pencils that was received yesterday from the birthday celebration.


I took this chance to share with him another lesson. At first i thought of teaching him to write his name , in the end i feel that he should be more comfortable ( as he is very happy when talk about shape)  and able to control his stroke. Then that will help to boost his confidence on writing.

imageFew months back ,i remember i guide him on how to hold the pencil, and today i share with him again, he hold it very well. I started to explain how to draw the triangle with those aided point. Such as demo, hold his hand to draw and keep repeat the steps.

imageLike saiding 1( continue from one point to another) , stop,(lift up the hand) , 2( join another point) stop, 3. ( join another point). He actually repeat what i said.

After a few practise, he manage to draw some decent triangle ! ( in green) . To reward him, i give him a star ! He is overjoyed and keep practising hard! He kept saiding, Daddy, i want stars !:)