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Reuven 1st obstacle challenges with mendel


clip taken last sunday at pollywog, one of the obstacle. Reuven overcoming his fear and believing daddy and himself.screenshot_20161222-234428

jJust want to add this video in first. really feel the ‘安慰’when I see the video agian. as i can see my boy are doing his best to cross the obstacle and overcome his fear. he believe me and completed this.i would said it is something that will open up more for him to understand himself better and built more confident.

special thanks to my pal Ivor for taking this video . it is really a good memory for us. 🙂

I am proud of you too my boy.  stay strong and keep going. daddy will beside you. 🙂

the rest of the shots I will upload here another day. too many to sort and to to write.


This is a moment i saw Reuven 1st time started to blended well and focus in the activities. such as putting up hands and respond with excitement. i am really glad to see this.



A moment with his buddy Mendel, to go through the obstacle. 🙂


Reuven was scare as this is a good opportunity for him to expand his comfort zone. Daddy are always with you. 🙂


Everyone is a Winner! 🙂 great jobs Reuven and Mendel ! 🙂 proud of  you all. 🙂


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Reuven @ Avenger (Sci – Centre) (Backdated 03/11)


now on the way out, and completing this piece of memory.


Few weeks ago, is a day of a boy’s day @ Avenger ! ^.^ Reuven’s best friend Mendel and daddy’s buddies were out to play.


we started to tapped in and get ready to enter.


this hulk thingy was press of the button and you will be able to see him smash or angry…



Iron man suits.


i think the whole tour , my friend and i agreed, this is the only best one (the Suit up).



After the iron man exit, we decided to do our own’legend’. Of course, two agian 1. hahaha..

we have a good dinner at West gate and end the outing with a train ride for both of the little ones.  they are simply so happy and tired too. hhehe..

thank you my pals, Reuven and me definitely have a great time and a great catch up too. 🙂



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Fun activity of reading A Clock


2 days ago in the morning before Reuven going to school, He is so excited about reading time the moment he woke up. I guess must be the reason of the new clock we chosen and yesterday it was on our wall. He is on the spark of trying to read the time rite. 🙂


i notice his learning and understanding of clock are getting more and more better from the previous practise.

He has show sign of understanding and meaning what is o’clock and abit of ’30’ min as a starter,  and i leave the rest next time. As my goal is for him to familiar  more on the clock’s hand recognition especially start with the short hand.

He is more focused and attentive. he is able to understand well what are the short and long hands…

Daddy : when I said 5.30 , should short hand point to 5 or long hand ?

Reuven : short hand !

daddy : very good ! how about 30 ?

Reuven : long hand , then he show me by adjusting the clock.

after some practise, I feel that he feel a bit bored , I start to introduce 15 /30/45 mins.

daddy: how about 3.15?

Reuven : he look stun, and stress . Haha and can see his mind not focus and lost as i purposely break the pattern after a few practise . then he try to do test and look at me whenever he complete or doing a move. To check if ‘ Dad expression’ is correct.

Daddy: Reuven , no worries, be confident too, you are doing great, just focus what you have learn, remember if it is 5.30, which hand should be point to 5?

Reuven: short hand!


keep repeating the theory and sequence. then till he is an expert ( i feel he is bored wanted more attention) till he purposely get it wrong to get my funny expression. hhaha..

maybe soon must share with him what is quarter and half  to express time.

i am sure he will be able to read time better and better and i am sure in the school, he also will practise with teacher, lately i even hear him saiding out loud from Jan to Dec. 🙂  time flies, big boy already… 🙂