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Reuven was out with Daddy whole day for appts…

Today was out of the home since 1pm. make Reuven have a nap before we went out as today will be a long day.

i would said he start to get more and more aware about the surrounding and feelings too.


bring out his favorite exvacator and this one we are drawing with the Samsung tab while waiting for the next appointment.


on the way going to the last appt and dinner, he give me a good laugh after the long day of carry him here and there with his reply in train.  then got aunty ya talk to him. when aunty getting down the train and the aunty said bye bye to Reuven.  Reuven still ask : are you coming back later ?  lol. we burst out laughing too. Haha



after meet up with the last appt of the day , I promise him to let him play the play ground. I should said we play together. hahaa…


finally he let me off …

today he is so sweet.

daddy : Reuven are you tired ?

Reuven : yes daddy

daddy: now u know i am working hard and xin ku rite? with a smile . that is why at home I need your help that you could help me too, such as keep your toys when you play finish and keep things properly. otherwise who is going to clear?

Reuven: sorry daddy, i promise  I will and not make you angry.

the other sweet part is

when i apply the oil on my backache due to carry him too much.

Reuven: not agian , back pain agian

daddy : yes cos you are big boy already, that is why pain lor.

reuven: daddy i am sorry that I make you pain… and also daddy sorry today I make you angry..

daddy: literally melt inside .but smile and said , it is ok Reuven ,I know you are tired , now you know I am xin ku rite? so hope you could help me ya. next time when you could walk , walk yourself…..

Reuven: nodded.

A good workout day I suppose and great bonding. although not easy but worth all the sweat and understand each other better. 🙂

love you my boy.




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