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Reuven 1st offical running with Daddy

now on the way to start my long day of appointments, quickly blog today happening.

yesterday my boy ask me when he saw my running shoes.

Reuven: daddy can i run with you ?

daddy: sure. I am waiting for you to ring with me. let’s do it tomorrow morning! ^.^

we shall wake up at 7 .run , bath eat breakfast then bring u to sch.  ok? so we have to sleep early tonight.

next day….

he wake you at 7 .

daddy : Reuven wake up already . let’s go running.

Reuven: five minutes.  but with a hidden smile.

know he tired ..Haha so let he laze about 10 mins. then I said lets go , otherwise too late we can’t run.

then he jump up bed and get ready .

quickly video the start up . hahaa



and use many ways to encourage him to run.



Haha.. along the way those aunties , uncle very nice .thumbs up my boy and greet with good morning too. ^.^

then we prepare to cool down..


then I show him the map he conquer! he is so happy! Hehe..


well done my boy!! I am sure you will get better and better each run u take.  now the run keeper are useful too for my boy. Hehe.


and I ask to bring to sch to share with teachers and classmates.  a good start of happy joy day.:)

Daddy really so happy and proud ^.^ jia yo! love you my boy.



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