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Reuven’s stories book before sleep and story telling /self video (back track Nov 16)

now Reuven playing with his Yeye, got abit of time to blog.^.^

know that Reuven  have a passion for books reading and he start to show interest on words reading.


the leap frog pen start to be his favourite. it was really interesting and show that his interest went up with all the intereaction.  🙂

and went to library to borrow his favourite .  exvacator and zoo. he really enjoy it! ^.^



then he also start to tell me stories some of the notes.

he will said

Reuven:  daddy daddy i want to tell u a story


daddy : wow, yes pls. I would love to hear it .  ^.^

since day 1 his stories started to be make more sense and more linked. 🙂

self videoscreenshot_20161203-205557

he also start to ‘rehearsal’ after the pororo video.


he love to watch and record himself about his own story telling.  i always will have a smile when I look at him self cam serectly and hear u jig  saw his imaginary story.









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