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1st journey to independent for I pad searching using I pad


Reuven: daddy daddy , I want blippi daddy. can you help me ?

daddy: Reuven, wow you already can spell the words , u are really good. you just need to find the words and type it.

Reuven: i can’t.

Daddy: just try, you be surprise that what come along .

Reuven: i can’t find the ‘i’ .

daddy: be cool , how does ‘i’ look like ?

Reuven: two lines ( like that )

daddy : very good ( 1st hint) on the 1st row. ( to my surprise Reuven know what 1st row means. ) beside letter U.

Reuven: (he search all the words and find the video he want) happy face . ^ ^

Daddy : well done Reuven! ^.^

think this is the start that he don’need me to search for him.any more videos. :).

however i feel this video learning not bad, quite interactive. ^.^




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