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1st paper aeroplane and launching exercise with Daddy

Yesterday late evening, Reuven start to ask for a paper aeroplane and said want to fold one.


it really test my memory as I just realise that I forget how to fold a good one that can fly!

I start to take out those colour paper and try to fold, then Reuven start to lose focus and start to use scissor to cut shape. Haha as aeroplane not flying.

struggle a while. then go for hotline. Haha.. tutorial youtube.

then we fold the 1st paper aeroplane together.


we decided to write our name on to the plane. can you spot what he wrote ?

I decided to make it more fun as I see he still don know how to really position himself well to fly the plane and want to earn his attention and have joy with a paper plane.

I use a 4 commands and do together with him. after that he leads… hahaa .  ^.^

The launching of aircraft with daddy.

what a night. ^.^



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