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An ColourFul art and craft work with Reuven- Easy DIY photo ‘frame’

Time Flies, now weekend again. Must catch up the blogging for last week some of the happening.


i remember after Reuven help me to choose the sofa colour, and some of my friends also commented that little one are attracted to colourful thing. i got this idea making  our ‘photo frame’. i drag this quite long, till last week at late evening, we finally make it happen. 🙂

Daddy : Reuven, did you want to do art and craft ?

Reuven : what is art and craft ?

Daddy : something to do with your hand, we need to do up the ‘photo frame’  i need your help, will you able to help me?

Reuven: two index finger touch on his left and right and with a cheeky smile. nodded his head and rush over.


some colour papers we get from popular and of cos grapes are our snack.  can see that his griping of glues and pen are getting better and better.


then he also participated to put up the photo on the wall. look at his happy face..and of cos mine too. haha . Quite a successful art and craft i think. 🙂 most important he become more confident and think out of the box when alot of shape, design  and colours combination i leave it to him to decide. he was really decisive.

you all can try that too. 🙂

Good nite everyone.


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