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Reuven’s Room- New look

Writing this on train within mutipler journeys . today must quickly complete it.

Last sunday was a tiring day for me with Reuven. however I feel is a day well spend.


I am so into making his room right and let him have more time into his room rather than living room. as i can see that he is more and more independent , able to play himself here and there. I think is time for him and myself to develop more time in the room. so when he get older ,he will know when he will be ready to be in own room.

I shifted all the ‘backlog’ items, vacuum and scrubbed the floor ..


Daddy :  Jun rui, papa doing up your room, would you want to help me ? I am so excited to make it nice nice for you.

Reuven : yes! (very fast he move to me and help without 2nd thoughts)

he help me pull the pororo mat and I ask him where he like to place in the room.he also share with me how the boxes to be put.we shift and move from the living room activities to the room.

then the rest daddy go along.

He push those little shelving and toys too.


then he also help to move those little toys into the room too and start to clear thone toys or things he dont play anymore.

however when everything getting more and more into shape. he start to play his toys … haha

then sort one corner area for writing and art and craft with a box.




Reuven : daddy can I get the blanket ? I want to hide and cover.

Daddy, blanket is for sleeping and in the bedroom. not for here.

Reuven : …. angry and keep chanting…

I remember when I was little I also like to cover and ‘tent ‘ with blanket . hahaa

so think out of the box , I tell him I do a tent for him.. he is so happy !!.lol


you can see he is hiding inside when I try to peep at him . hahaha so adorable .. melt..

and I tell him we are so going to buy your favourite stickers to do up your room! he start to name ..power ranger.. avenger.. tayo.. etc. oMG…hahaha

it was a free exercise workout from morning till evening  and bonding with my boy. 🙂

I love you Reuven. 🙂 hope u enjoy and like it too. 🙂


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