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Reuven 1st attempt to make iron-man with clay +drawing shapes with better grip


Last sat after a long day and we back at home. Reuven was trying to visualise about iron man into the clay. normally he will said he don know. or… today he try and he try to do a face , legs , arms and try to match with colours distinguish. it was really a good attempt!^.^


he is so happy about it. I really like this clay alot , better than the playdoh.  the texture , and reusable, and mixed with other colour will change colours. after use , the hand are not sticky like play doh.  thank to my friend who give this as a gift to Reuven.  🙂  it is more educational and more fun to play with 🙂


this pic was eariler before we reach home, at my parent’s place. he also express more drawing and writing now. can see from his hands , grip of the pencils are good.  as for now he can draw quite a good sq , triangle , circle ( may look over) and triangle i go through with his hands and show him how to derieve three lines as I see he got some thinking difficulty when try to draw agian, overall he is progressing and curiosity are on the chase ! 🙂

Thank you the teachers too for guiding him.

well done my boy 💪💪 I am proud of you.


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