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Reuven first ‘bad fall”



Reuven follow me to the next destination and due to he is holding his drink , I did not hold his hand this time.

however whenever there is a step or uneven road. I will warn and said look! or there is a step ahead ! watch!

but in the end he missed this and fall on a rough payment.

i saw two bruise & cuts and he cry …

Reuven: so pain !

daddy: it is ok , u are strong boy ya. Papa got warn you about the step, am I rite?

Reuven: nodded

daddy : next time I am sure you will be more attentive and Trust papa said .

sayang sayang… then I carry him to comfort him…:)

if you ask me , do I feel pain? yes I am.however I am sure one of this day he will fall too, I am glad he did that when I am beside him and I am sure his mind set will be more tougher after this too.  🙂

his grandpa and grandma also heart pain. lolx then I ask my parents how come when I am young when I fall, you all don look so anxious ? haha … i guess this is grandson privilege or expression … lolx 🙂







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