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Train ride + Mascot + New toys collection

on my train to next destination , blog about last  sunday …Yesterday bring my Reuven along , and before I leave him to my dad to go for my appt.  I promise him a train ride ! 😊


while we always board the mrt train no matter is he a company to a appointments or for outing . he will always very fascinated with train ride.

I think it i quite a while since we last ride over at West gate and he quickly hop on to the blue wagon thst he choose while the door is open.


I think well the age of 4, what do u expect. he start to pop out his head out of the window. after a while of his curiously, he stop and sit down.


then he start to enjoy looking at those mascot.during the journey we pass by and saw the nando event that is going on. after the train stop, he literally flew to the mascot and you can see how happy he was! last time he will be shy and do not want to move forward . now with little encouragement, he is brave to make a step and hug the mascot and with a big smile ! 🙂

think is about time for Reuven to head down to USS agian…hehe


after i come back to meet reuven and his granpa, a new toy collection from grandpa… ^.^ my dad said he miss me alot, and grandpa promise that he get some cars for him previously.  let me think back those days my dad buy me toys when I am little one. 🙂


This is my current favorite pic. as it capture Reuven emotion . like whoa….^.^






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