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Reuven’s 1st jump


Reuven 1st waiting in the queue alone. This is the first time he is doing a queuing alone. And to my surprise he manage to sit and wait for his turn. Although up and down he will get off the seat and even said why is it so long, he still manage to wait for his turn. It take about 20 mins. 🙂


Then the 1st jump.

At first he was so excited , jump like a rabbit.  After that when the lady pull her up higher, Reuven started to be frighten and cry. Encourage him and explain to him. Now he got a new experience and exposure. After the jump, I ask Reuven if he still want to do it agian. He said ‘No’ It is scary. Lolx.

Anyway i feel is a good learning curve. I am sure after this ‘jump’ exercise that he chosen , He will be able to judge more and understand himself better. I do not want to restict the things he want to explore or limit him or give reason that he is still small. As i feel this is part of a growing up phase that will help him be more confident

he will also know what he will be into when he make his choice. 🙂

You are doing great Reuven ! Daddy proud of you. ^.^



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