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Moulding up with principle and values…


Today laye evening, Reuven throw tantrum and very rude. Keep insisting his way to demand to bring down the bubble gun to.the playground.

I told him ,next time as I already bring skate scooter for him.

Reuven : Now ! I want Now !

Daddy: tomorrow, I will bring all right.  I know u just saw one kid play the bubble gun…

Reuven : still insist and keep demanding, throw tantrum just becos no bubble gun.

Deep in his world I know he just want to play, and I am already prepared to give in.however not in this manner.

Daddy : today going to be the first cane , let’s go home.

Reuven : daddy no…

Then I talk to him with a little cane on my hand . I said I am going to cane you, you know why?

Reuven : he understand and he also admit he wrong.

Daddy: so daddy going to beat your left and right palm . Stretch out.

Reuven : daddy pain . No..

Daddy:  you know this is wrong and u got to faced the punishment. This is something we must learn.

Reuven : stretch out his palm..

Daddy : just tapped gentlely…

Reuven: look puzzled…

Daddy: I love u Reuven, everyday I also want to be your best friend and your buddy. I just want to hug you.  Could you help daddy ?

Reuven : nodded and give me a hug.

I did not take any pictures of his cries.

As I do not want he to remember or myself to rememeber this. Just want him to know sometime I am strict, is to share  values and strengthen his good principle that aid him in future. I want to be nice daddy and not monster. 🙂

Somehow or rather, I feel today he has grown up a little. 🙂


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