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Bedtime reading


These past  weeks , Reuven started to pick up or I can said more interested in the story book. He will always ask me to read for him.

Book by book and over and over again. Exchange of ideas and thoughts are even more expressive that before.

Today we read about peppa pig dentist book, rain (George caught a cold) and last of not least reuven amazing bus ride as his final bed time story.

All these story books are good as it bring imagination and also to share the values of wrong and right. And also the consequence that each have to faced .

It also bring more calm and understand what is ‘dentist’ as I am trying to bring him soon. 🙂 as he reply to me dentist is to help clean . We open mouth ahhhhh . Lol. You can imagine how I read to him. 🙂

He kept his promise and he is fast asleep on my elbow as I share with him that tomorrow I will go library/bookstored to find others books that he like.

He is really very happy and he said he want to go…haaa. I try to find time. 🙂

Daddy love you. Sweet dreams:)



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