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Reuven suspect of HFM, ‘Officially MC happy Boi’

Today as usual, send him to school today, however was stopped by the teacher when she do a check on his throat. as she mention there was a white ulcer. as there are parents waiting in the q, i bring Reuven off. The teacher was apologetic and i mention it is ok, as i understand her position. however i still believe that is not HFM. As reuven has HFM before the usual sighting and symptoms are not aligned  at all. when i bring my boy home , i spot checked myself. there are none to be found. lol


I bring the little one to have some breakfast together.  he said he want three bun, in the end i have to finish 1 and half for him. thank god he also taken my fish ball. hahaha, milo face. lolx:)


He have a good time (playground time) and make some new friends.He also show sign of able to blend more to the group when come to sharing and his manner. His school of thought are getting well too.


His favorite light playground. 🙂

actually he was struck half way on the climbing and he wanted to climb higher. Daddy to assess and coach… Lol

Then he was mentioning to me the little gal play very long… When they are playing the wheel that  able to spin.

Reuven : Daddy she play very long

me: It is about sharing , i am sure she will share with you

Reuven, waited patiently and the little gal, said ‘i am done’

me: i thank the little gal and said thank you so much 🙂

Reuven : play happily then he get down and said’ your turn’ Daddy daddy, i share Daddy, he jump and jump.

me: that is nice of you, you see mei mei also happy. 🙂

And they in turn found take turn as game and keep sharing.


Today saw him have a transit in term of sharing in different perspective.

keep it going my son! 🙂


Then at home, draw with him, he started to be innovative and grab whatever he has to draw shape. and of course help line too that is Daddy help line.. hahahaha 🙂


Reuven said ” Said Cheese when he post victory sign’ lol 🙂


Reuven went to bed.. all his favourite toys that his mummy brought for him beside his bed… 🙂




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