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Reuven Following Daddy appt Days….

Past week, Reuven has been following me to go for appointments. As i feel bad i have to put him to his ah ma house as sometime he will miss me alot. As i think he is able to express and communicate well, i think it is time for him also to learn something and understand abit of my work when i said i meet clients. 🙂

he was gearing up and happily asking me everyday , Daddy are you meeting client ?

I bring him along to visit one of my client in the hospital and another appointment in the evening. lol.



The next day from 8am in the morning, he Gearing up and last minute change of mind, hat off but manage to get his multiple expression.


After the 1st appt, i bring reuven to mac for a happy meal! indeed it is a happy meal ! lol 🙂


Then go for 2nd  appt with his first ride on the double deck bus and he rush and keep asking to sit in the front. 🙂



Have a great time with his new make friend at the water playground.


while his energy still full, playground time.  faint…lol




The next morning, as my appointment beside got a playground, this is my first time i let him play himself with news friends and i watch over him at the coffeeshop. as all the while i have being with him playing in the playground, he have show sign that he know what are the dangers and when to call me for help. and i keep chanting to him, i must able to see him.  😉


Just can’t stop to take picture of him having fun. 🙂


while on the way to another appt in the noon. he fall asleep… i guess every  little one when they fall asleep in your arms, they always have the magic to make you smile..:)


Bring him to watch the movie of the Zootopia ( 3/4 of the movie he fall asleep…) while still waiting for the commerical ads to end, he ask me every 5 sec… i want the zoo… where is it? faint….

And a nice dinner with ice cream at Swensen and those animal ride with token. 🙂 he is so choosy now about the ice cream and yes his favourite Spaghetti. . lolx…


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