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Reuven’s Fever and…

This morning about 5am,  i just don know why i wake up and reuven leg and body was so hot !  When i switch on the light , he was quite red just like those high fever that he use to have.

immediately  i went for the thermometer, however not working very well, and my spare one come into place. He have a fever about 39.4!

However he still feel sober and not those lethergic ,just that the way of giving medicine and apply the pad on his head need a different technique. Then monior till 6 am , then he fast asleep.

About 9am , check on him agian , and he is feeling better, about 11am, a slide fever, however he feel like going out.

Then i mention to him that you recover well by taking medicine , will bring you for a while, maybe go market. Or maybe macdoanld.?

Daddy : ok we go market now

Reuven: daddy, you did not keep your promise le, you said go Macdonald just now..

Daddy: blur.. Hahah , okok we go ya.

Off we go to macdonald.



Have a happy meal, and let him enjoy to walk the park , sing walking in the jungle, play the swing with sand. He enjoy alot and very happy.

We still play story telling, and he is learning the way i relate the story.  🙂

However now the fever is back agian 38.5 just feel him medicine and sound asleep.


Speedy recovery son..:)


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