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Mummy @work in Taiwan (6 days)

These few days have to manage between my work, studies, house chores  and Reuven. As mummy still out of town for work. Another close bonding with Reuven, yesterday i bring him to the playground and realise that he is much independent and able to cross the obstacle himself. Play wih him the sea-saw…

He would tell me happily, he saw his friend and her name is Val. This can tell, he is adapting well and make alot of new friends. 

Without any ‘resistant’, he hold my hand and follow me to the coffee shop to buy food. Through the journey, he is closely by my side. 🙂 he slept early today and laying on my leg… 🙂

looking at Reuven when asleep, it never fail to make me smile and feel so bless to have him in our life and motivate me every single day. 🙂



Daddy and Mummy love you.




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